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Monday, December 29, 2014

Maria Bello and Clare Munn in LA

Maria Bello was photographed carrying a MOFÉ handbag while holiday shopping with her girlfriend, Clare Munn in Los Angeles earlier last week.  The actress completed her winter chic look with her ERUDITE bag in gray ($375; www.mofeinc.com). Dedicated to expressing female empowerment in a fashionable way, MOFÉ handbags celebrate how far women have come to be where they are today.
ERUDITE bag in gray
Maria Bello and Clare Munn
 Trendy Maria Bello and Clare Munn in LA
If you would like to see additional trendy celebrities, you may want to visit the celebrities fashion blog pages here on Apparel Search.

Friday, December 26, 2014

American Apparel Status Update

American Apparel Inc, which fired Chief Executive Dov Charney last week, mentioned this week that it was evaluating a proposed takeover.

As we read on Reuters, “The clothing retailer and manufacturer said the proposed offer - from a party it did not identify - was pitched at $1.30 to $1.40 per share, which would value the company at $226 million-$243 million”.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that private equity firm Irving Place Capital was interested in making a bid at $1.30 to $1.40 per share.

Also mentioned in a Reuters article, “Charney increased his ownership of American Apparel to about 43 percent in July through a loan from hedge fund Standard General, although the fund controls his stake as collateral.  Standard General has placed several affiliates on the retailer's board and has plotted a future for the struggling company with or without Charney”.

Curios to see how this all pans out?  If Dov Charney has 43 percent, is it possible that he will take over once more?  Is it possible he is still orchestrating?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stylish Skins for Holiday Gift Giving

Although we think you should not buy electronics for the holidays (you should always buy clothing to support the apparel industry), mobile device cases fit the exception.  As we have discussed in the past, mobile device cases are fashion accessories. 

With Christmas just a few days away there is bound to be one gift that is hot under the tree this year- cell phones! While the gift of a new phone can be an amazing gift, it isn't complete without Redbubble’s skins and cases to keep it protected from dings and dents.
space skins for mobile device mobile device covers
Perfect for the individual that is constantly scratching and scuffing their portable devices but can’t stand with the bulkiness of a case, Redbubble’s skins help protect your device from the elements of the outside world. The skins also feature an easy to apply grip backing, making it easy to apply the skin to your device and remove air bubbles with the swipe of your hand.

Available for both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, each skin and case is custom cut to fit your device and start at just $15. Better yet, Redbubble is offering 15% off on all skins and phone cases between Thursday, December 25th and Monday, December 29th, 2014. Just use the promo code “DEVICE15” at checkout to receive your discount. 

Ready for a Blue Fashion Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the festive parties are here. Ditch the traditional sweaters and go for something icy blue chic this year!

It’ll be a Blue Blue Christmas without These
9 Essential Pieces!
blue christmas

1.       Cynthia Rowley ($250; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

2.       Cynthia Rowley ($297.50; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

3.       Brevity.  ($95; www.brevityjewelry.com) 

4.       Cynthia Rowley ($295; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

5.       Miss Z for Rowley Eyewear ($109; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

6.       Cynthia Rowley ($227.50; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

7.       Cynthia Rowley ($395; www.cynthiarowley.com) 

8.       ZAMRIE ($168; www.zamrie.com) 

9.       Kooba ($248; www.kooba.com) 

It would be a Blue Blue Christmas with or without you.

Little Kids Enjoy Junk Food, clothing

What kid doesn't love junk food?  No, we are not talking about food that is not healthy.  We are obviously referring to the fashion brand.

Jackson Theron, Luca Comrie, and Stella McDermott were spotted wearing Junk Food over the weekend in Los Angeles! The adorable kids all sported graphic tees while prepping for the holidays with their parents (www.junkfoodclothing.com).

Guess who else dressed their kids in Junk Food.

Sarah Jessica Parker Back-to-School Look (for her kids)

Beatles Raglan Worn by Celebrity Kids

BMW M3 & Fashion Group with Sharan Nixon

TUNE IN tonight to find out what BMW M3 & Fashion Group is up to these days as Sharan host of the Sharan Nixon Show digs deep into the mind of its Founder, Dwayne Young to ask the questions we all want the answers to.
Dwayne Young, Founder, CEO/President of MBW ME & Fashion Group a New York based marketing firm will be LIVE on the air at 8:07 p.m. This is an interview you do not want to miss.
LISTEN LIVE: December 23, 2014
WEBSITE: www.beexposedradio.com 
DOWNLOAD: Tune In - Mobile App
Host: Sharan Nixon 
Producer: Monny
Engineer: Robbie

Pre-Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Vera Wang recently debuted her Pre-Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection at her New York showroom. The Fun Furry Flirty collection features a number of coats, dresses, pants, tops, and fur accessories.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015

Yes, we know you love Vera Wang as much as Apparel Search does.

Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Yes, we understand you want to see more from this collection.
In addition to pre-fall 2015, you may want to check the following here on the fashion blog:

Spring 2015 RTW Vera Wang

Forever Vera New Fragrance for Fall

Yes, we have even more about Vera.

Monday, December 22, 2014

COMPLETE Magazine January 2015 Issue

COMPLETE Magazine has announced the release of their January 2015 issue, which features a high-profile fashion designer tribute and exclusive fashion news. This issue is dedicated to showcasing “all things sparkly” during the party season. 

COMPLETE Magazine, which caters to the interests of affluent fashion-geared women, is available for iPhone. The magazine is specifically designed to be accessed via iPhone, published in a seamless digital flipbook that is easy and engaging for readers.

The January 2015 issue includes a tribute to fashion designer Oscar De La Renta, who designed pieces for a high volume of prominent women during his career. In addition, the new issue features the third part of a series focused on highlighting everyday watches. This month’s instalment will feature Breitling. The issue also includes a section on stylish “low-tech”, such as leather-bound diaries Smythson's of Bond Street and writing implements from Montegrappa.

The latest issue of COMPLETE Magazine features a section regarding gold-plated iPhone 6’s, and a roundup of shoes created by designers who make a habit of stepping out in style. More information about the January 2015 of COMPLETE Magazine can be found at www.completemagazine.co.

About Complete Magazine

Complete Magazine is a monthly periodical that is exclusively available in the Apple Newsstand. Offering the latest news about the newest fashions, Complete Magazine caters to women of distinction. Showcasing only the most fashionable accessories from the most renowned designers, the magazine provides high fashion news for women all over the world. 

Complete fashion magazine

Temperature Balancing Technologies in Clothing

The forthcoming Techtextil fair that will be taking place May 4 to 7, 2015 in Frankfurt will open new doors in regard to bringing more awareness to temperature balancing clothing and fashion accessories.

Three technologies are the primary focus of attention in regard to the development and production of temperature balancing functional clothing.
  1. Membrane
  2. Coating
  3. Finishing

Each method has its own merits.

The membranes - Temperature balance 1

The membranes which can be found in the market in the form of polytetrafluor ethylene (microporous, oriented), polyether/polyester (closed, hydrophilic), polymer (bionic) and polyurethane (microporous). They are practically superior to other materials as regards waterproofness, wind resistance and breathability (WWB values).  All membranes work according to the same basic principle: they allow the extremely small moisture vapor molecules emitted from the human body to penetrate through the micropores or hydrophilic components of the closed membrane and to carry them off to the ambient air but do not allow the incomparably larger rain drops to penetrate. The consequence is that the sweat is kept away from the body and the rain cannot penetrate through the clothing. This physical principle works the better the larger the difference between the body temperature and the ambient temperate is.

As regards  breathability, all membranes require additional  functional partners in order to allow to obtaining good results. This means that waterproveness which can be achieved in all varieties by means of seam-welded and taped membranes in many varieties is less critical than the humidity management.  Microporous membranes are wind-tight thanks to their hedge structure by which the wind gets caught and is turned off. The bionic membrane works according to a natural climatisation principle: the so-called fir cone principle.  It opens their pores under the influence of heat and closes them under cold and wind. This working principle is offered exclusively by the Swiss functional textile manufacturer Schoeller.

Better protection by means of lamination

In principle three types of laminates (lamination by means of heat and pressure, thermo fixing with hot-melt adhesive) exist: the double layer laminates such as shell or lining laminates or three-layer laminates which connect  the membrane to the shell and the lining. According to the requirements one differentiates between hard shell and soft shell laminates. The hard shell laminates are characterized by their outstanding watertightness and sturdy face. They do not provide cold insulation and are inelastic. Soft-shell laminates which are mostly used for the manufacture of vests and jackets are normally provided with a fleecy inner face. They are elastic and comfortable. The advantage of the fluffy effect  compares with reduced watertightness. Nevertheless they brave the most part of the weather conditions except heavy rain.

Coatings - Temperature balance 2

Polyurethane coatings (PUR) are a conventional alternative to the membranes as regards waterthightness and breathability. Usually the reverse side of the good is coated thus allowing the fabric to provide an exchange of humidity and a concurrent water thightness and a low grammage as well so that a similar effect as it is the case with the membrane laminates is achieved. The textiles manufactured in such a way are less expensive than any of the membrane variants. In addition, they allow more flexibility regarding the choice of the shell and its character. Disadvantage: the coatings have less stability against loading which has to be taken into account in linen rental services. Experiments are being carried out with flame resistant admixtures with the aim of obtaining a wider applicability. Polyurethane coatings in the form of various sorts of synthetic leather are used on the front side of goods such as work shoes and safety shoes. They are sturdy and easy to clean.

Finishing - Temperature balance 3

The phase change materials (PCM) and the nanotechnology (1 nm = 10-9m)  are part of the equipment’s as well which often happens “concomitantly”. Physics also provide the desired climate in the case of PCM materials which are offered by Outlast as one of the most established suppliers in the form of surface printing, coatings or fiber matrixes (polyester, acrylic, viscose). The used paraffin like substances which are embedded in micro spherules change from solid to liquid under temperature influence. For the phase change into fluid, the increased heat is absorbed and virtually stored in order to preserve this condition. As being cooled down, the material gets solid again whilst the heat is released slowly. A temperature balance is created that avoids peaks towards excessive heat and cold so that comfort does not get lost. By that an excessive production of sweat is prevented. These materials are used for the inner workings of shoes as well, equipped with hydrophilic material and combined with a watertight membrane as supplied  by Smypatex so that the feet remain dry from inside and outside.

Multi-standard as an incentive

Thanks to the modular or layer-wise structure of the temperature-regulating systems it is possible to meet the requirements of several standards in terms of weather protection, protection clothing, flame resistance, welder’s protection, protection against fault arcing or electrostatic discharge. The most important standard mostly dictates the choice of the outer layer and the structure of the entire system, e.g. in case of work under heat exposure. The suppliers are working intensively on the task to shape as flexible as possible the number of single components for the range of personal protection equipment and work protection clothing.

Companies among them Sympatex and Outlast, Transtextil and Schoeller will exhibit their latest developments of multifunctional protection systems at the international leading trade fair Techtextil from May 4 to 7, 2015. At this event, manufacturers of protection clothing and protection shoes have the opportunity to discover new materials for the future generation of such systems. In addition, the specialized fair Texprocess taking place at the same time in form of a compound fair offers a variety of technologies and approaches of processing such materials.

Source for much of above: Messe Frankfurt

See more at http://textilesupdate.com/techtextil-2015-temperature-regulating-functional-clothing-the-multinationals-are-coming

You may also have interest in viewing flame retardant clothing manufacturers on the Apparel Search factory directory.

Companies such as Under Armour, Nike, adidas, etc., are obviously already paying attention to textiles and processes that assist with temperature balancing.  Apparel Search is not sure, but we assume that companies such as these would want to attend the Techtextil event taking place in May.

Learning about issues relevant to the apparel or textile industry is always important.  You can find some more of our news articles on this subject by going to the apparel industry blog page.

Thank you for taking the time to read our textile industry blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Self-Buttoning Shirts Simplifies Dressing with Magnets

We have all had one of those mornings. From the moment you open your eyes, everything that can go wrong does. You get shampoo in your eye in the shower, toothpaste and coffee drip down the front of your shirt and then the dog chews up one of the shoes you were planning on wearing. On days like this it would be really useful to have clothes that had the power to dress you themselves ­ anything to save a few precious minutes so you can get out the door somewhat on time. MagnaReady has created a line of button down dress shirts that do. Simply slip your arms in the sleeves and you¹re done, no messing with buttons.
To the unknowing eye, a MagnaReady® shirt looks just like any other dress shirt hanging in the closet. Same collar and cuffs, same row of little white buttons down the front. But, those buttons are merely for looks. Hidden inside the placket of a MagnaReady® shirt are powerful magnets that link together for a secure closure. Decorative buttons grace the exterior of MagnaReady® shirts for a crisp and professional appearance without the hassle of manipulating tiny buttons into buttonholes. You will never have to worry about missing a button or lining them up wrong again.
MagnaReady® dress shirts are wrinkle-free and stain resistant with barrel cuffs and a spread collar. For even more convenience they are also machine washable. Simply press the shirt closed so the magnets are stuck to each other and the shirt will tumble around the wash cycle without attaching to the machine.
MagnaReady® men’s dress shirts are currently available for in solid white and chambray, blue plaid and blue gingham. MagnaReady® women’s shirts are available in white and stripes. The MSRP for the MagnaReady® shirt is $64.95 or two shirts for $119.00 with free shipping. For more information visit: www.magnaready.com.

About MagnaReady®

Necessity was the mother of invention for Maura Horton when she came up with the idea for MagnaReady®. Maura was inspired when her husband, a college football coach, had to rely on a player to help him after a game because his Parkinson’s prevented him from buttoning his shirt. Determined to help her husband remain independent, Maura came up with the idea of a magnetically infused shirt he could easily dress in without needing finger dexterity. MagnaReady® is the first fashionable, magnetic closure dress shirt for people with limited mobility. For more information visit www.magnaready.com

You may want to also read our blog post about how to select a dress shirt for men.

Finding Room to Groom

I hate to say this, but I am almost hoping that Santa Claus does not bring me too many presents.  The bathroom is already FULL of beauty products.  Can't fit a single new item.

Maybe St. Nick, needs to help us organize and space save our homes.

Fotunately, for the bathroom, there are a few innovative products that can help people create more ROOM TO GROOM.

As a start, here are some products to help you save a little space:

#1 - Spectrum Diversified’s Hair Care Organizers – this line offers a unique solution to better manage hair care tools and beauty products by helping to utilize previous wasted space in the home. 

Spectrum Diversified’s Hair Care Organizers
Spectrum Hair Care Organizers
#2 – The Cabidor takes advantage of the wasted space behind doors and turns it into efficient and effective storage areas.
The Cabidor
If you know of any other helpful items, please share your thoughts in the comment area below.  We would love to learn more space saving tips for hair or makeup products.

Get a Jump Start on 2015 Fashionable Resolutions

The new year will soon be here, and with it will come resolutions for fresh starts and new beginnings for the year ahead. In 2015, don’t let New Year’s resolutions go unresolved.  More importantly, make certain that your resolutions keep you trendy for the coming year.

Here are a few suggestions that you can find at Kohl’s:
FILA SPORT® Curve 1/4-Zip Printed Fleece

FILA SPORT® Curve 1/4-Zip Printed Fleece-Lined Pullover - Women's
Original  $45.00
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband - Pink
Regular  $99.99
Nike Flex Trainer 4 Cross-Trainers
Nike Flex Trainer 4 Cross-Trainers - Women
Original  $65.00
Gaiam Dual-Grip Headband

Gaiam Dual-Grip Headband
Regular  $6.99
FILA SPORT® Maui Performance Leggings
FILA SPORT® Maui Performance Leggings - Women's
Original  $45.00

While you are shopping, you should also check out the following items:

  • Jenni Chan Brush Strokes Soft Gym Duffel Bag: Regular  $99.99
  • SONOMA life + style® Turkish Cotton Robe - Women's: Regular  $69.99
  • Earth Therapeutics Zebra Sleep Mask: Regular  $12.00
Visit Kohl's to find much more.

A New Year's resolution is a secular tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year's Day.  It is our opinion that resolutions should include something style relevant.  For example, "My news years resolution is to shop for new clothing at Kohl's at least once a week".

Happy New Year!

YG and RVCA 9 Piece Capsule

Hip-Hop artist YG and the global lifestyle fashion and accessory brand, RVCA, have joined forces to create a capsule collection celebrating his upbringing in Los Angeles. The collection, hitting PacSun stores mid-January, will be available for preview at the Agenda Tradeshow in Long Beach, CA on January 5th 2015. 
YG appreciates the aesthetic of the RVCA brand and emulates the brand mantra, the balance of opposites, as a Compton raised, avid skateboarder. He and RVCA founder, PM Tenore, have a long-standing relationship and together, decided to collaborate. 

“Collaborating with YG was a lot of fun for the brand,” said PM Tenore, “I have travelled with YG through Europe, and spent time with him in Hawaii. While we were together, we discovered how his personal taste was similar to RVCA’s design aesthetic so we decided to capture his lifestyle through product and use RVCA as a platform to communicate it.” 
YG worked alongside RVCA’s design team to create a collection that express his creative interests that reach fans beyond the realm of music, and define RVCA’s identity and attitude, including key aspects: music, fashion, and street lifestyle. Photographed in Venice Beach, the West Coast lifestyle inspired campaign imagery was shot by famed photographer Mike Miller, who has worked with hip-hop giants such as Tupac, NWA, Snoop Dog, and Cypress Hill.
Available exclusively at participating PacSun locations on January 10th, the nine-piece collection features essentials including chinos, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and flannels, fusing both brands’ love for the West Coast.
“I’m excited to unveil the new collection I designed with RVCA. It’s the perfect blend of their street style and my own LA look. Each piece was inspired by the City of Los Angeles; which is where I grew up and what defines me as an artist. The collection makes the West Coast lifestyle accessible to everyone, hope you guys love it as much as I do 4hunnid!!!" States YG 
YG and RVCA will be celebrating their collaboration with an exclusive live concert at the Agenda Trade Show on January 5th, 2015 from 5:30PM- 8:00PM. All Agenda attendees will be able to meet the artist, preview the collection, and celebrate with RVCA at the Long Beach Convention Center.

About YG

YG's debut album, My Krazy Life, was a coming-of-age musical compilation of past life experiences that have greatly influenced YG’s music.  He chose to release the album on March 18th, the day before his five-year anniversary of being jailed for flocking, to represent his journey and growth as an artist since then.  My Krazy Life was a collaboration between YG’s independent label known as Pu$haz Ink and Jeezy’s Atlanta-based CTE label.  The relationship came to fruition after Jeezy came to Los Angeles and witnessed the movement that YG and DJ Mustard had created with their new West Coast rap sound.  Since then, Jeezy has taken YG under his wing, establishing a mentorship that played a dynamic role in influencing the direction of the album. For more information please visit: http://www.defjam.com/artists/yg/

YG recently made his acting debut in  “Blame It On The Streets,” a short film inspired by his critically acclaimed debut album “My Krazy Life.” The short vividly depicts life in South Central Los Angeles and gives fans a glimpse into YG’s “krazy” life.  YG co-wrote the script with Lucky Rodgers and stars in alongside Rick Gonzales and Jade Yorker. In it, YG showcases his acting chops and his uncanny ability to bring his lyrics to life. “Blame It On The Streets" also contains a soundtrack of 9 tracks, six of which are new, two of which are remixes, plus a live version of “BPT." The 9-track soundtrack includes collaborations from DJ Mustard, DJ Quik, Jay 305, Nipsey Hussle and Mac 10. “Blame It On The Streets” is now available for purchase at a retailer near you.
About RVCA

RVCA is the brainchild of company Founder and President, PM Tenore. Transcending the boundaries of traditional action sports apparel, RVCA is a design-driven lifestyle brand free from passing trends.

Established to promote the genuine integrity of RVCA’s subcultures while simultaneously giving back to the community, RVCA in essence is redefining the way the market views art and fashion as represented through the balance of opposites and how they coexist: water, oil; air, land; destruction, industrialization; art, science; foreign, domestic; order, chaos; past, present. For RVCA, it is about today, tomorrow and life as the big picture. It is about inspiring our generation, providing something of substance and culture and above all doing it with integrity and as a united family, a close-knit community www.rvca.com.

About Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. 

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a specialty retailer in the action sports, fashion, and music influences of the California lifestyle. It sells a combination of branded and proprietary casual apparel, accessories, and footwear designed for teens and young adults. The company primarily operates mall-based chain of retail stores under the brand names of Pacific Sunwear and PacSun; and an e-commerce Website at pacsun.com, which sells PacSun merchandise online, and provides content and community for its target customers. As of May 29, 2014, it operated 619 stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Anaheim, California. www.pacsun.com

If you would like to do more reading about accessories, please take a moment to review our accessory blog posts page for additional resources of possible interest.

Wacoal Lingerie for 2015

Wacoal has imagined for the halcyon days of 2015 will have lingerie that is both glamorous and easy to wear everyday.

You will find the Look Book, for WACOAL PE 2015 below.

wacoal lingerie 2015

Enjoy WACOAL PE 2015.

To one and all, have a very nice December and have beautiful holidays.

View more about Wacoal here on Apparel Search.

Wacoal Lingerie Automne-Hiver

You can learn more about Walcoal and also visit the Wacoal USA website at http://www.wacoal-america.com/

The time is always right to feel good and look good.  Look great for the new year with Wacoal intimates.

Don't you just adore the Wacoal Printemps Eté 2015 - Look Book et Visuels.

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