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Sunday, January 31, 2016

BUQU Trendy Power Accessories

BUQU (short for Be Unique™) has hit the scene with the launch of a fresh new line of high performance, rapid mobile power accessories with a UNIQUE proposition to marry fashion and function.  BUQU’s new product line combines thoughtfully distinct, clever designs and playful colors such as the Nade™ (grenade), Pina™ (scented pineapple charger) Bubs (the ducky), Chubs (the pig) and Playa (the dice) with premium quality power products that all show off a unique personality for the fastest (and most stylish) charge on the market. In addition to juicing up your phone, the mobile power banks can act as super cute accessories for handbags, purses, backpacks or worn on your belt loop – perfect for music festival season, back-to-school or just a crazy night out with your BFFs (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a BUQU lifetime warranty). 
BUQU Trendy Power Accessories
BUQU mobile power accessories will be available in May 2016 at select Best Buy retail stores and all Best Buy mobile stores with prices ranging from $11.99-$29.99. BUQU mobile power accessories will also be available this spring at Target retail stores.

Because of the clips, I guess these can technically be considered, "wearable technology".

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus to Remove Clothing Wrinkles

Most people never make it to the dry cleaner as often as they need resulting in a pile of laundry in the closet or laundry room that is waiting to be dropped off for cleaning. Instead of reducing the availability of your wardrobe simple because of the inconvenience of a trip to the cleaner, you can now refresh dry clean only clothes with a spritz, tug, smooth and hang dry.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus
With a quick spray of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus on your clothes, you can tug out any visible wrinkles, smooth the fabric, allow your garment to dry and be wrinkle, static and odor free in less than five minutes. Silicones in Downy Wrinkle Release Plus grip the fabric fibers in garments making it possible for them to slide against each other rather than being frozen in a crease. And instead of running to the dry cleaner after every few wears, you can refresh clothes and get more life out of them before your next trip to the dry cleaner.

The anti wrinkle spray from Downy is the solution not only to wrinkles but also to static cling.  Learn more tips to reduce static cling.

Use the Anti Wrinkle Spray to stay fashionable.

The wrinkle release spray from Downy transforms wrinkled clothes into presentable clothes. Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can do amazing things for clothes that need some dewrinkling. Before the wrinkle release spray is used, your shirts can possibly be a big wrinkly mess.  After the wrinkle spray, your shirt will most likely look so much smoother, so much better!  So, if you don’t like wrinkly clothes but also don’t like to iron, using Downy Winkle Releaser Plus is the way to have wrinkle-free clothes without having to iron anything. Or, for items that need a little extra TLC, Downy’s wrinkle releaser also works great as an ironing aid, loosening fibers to prime your garment for ironing. So whether you like your clothes to look neat or super-ultra-special-neat, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus is the wrinkle releasing spray for you.
No Ironing
If you are interested, you can read additional tips to prevent clothes from getting wrinkled.

Bella Thorne is Very Busy Being Beautiful

Bella Thorne was photographed carrying her favorite phone case by ban.do! The actress was leaving a pamper session in Los Angeles with her I Am Very Busy iPhone 6 case ($20, www.bando.com). She has been seen out and about numerous times with the same ban.do case! 
You can see beautiful Bella with her ban.do iPhone case from our previous fashion accessory blog post from back in December.
Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative.

Learn more about beautiful Bella Thorne here on Apparel Search.

If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Flight Club Vintage Sneakers at Consignment

It is amazing, but I think that this is actually our first blog post about vintage sneakers.  The reason that this is amazing is because it is a rather interesting and active segment of the footwear industry.  Truth be told, vintage sneakers are as collectible as stamps, old coins, and baseball cards.  Similar to other collectibles, old sneakers are prized based on rarity among other aspects.  Obviously, the style, color, fit, and brand are also important.  But rare sneakers can really fetch a high value.

Along came the internet…

Clearly the internet has made the world of collectible sneakers grow.  It is now much easier for consumers to purchase their desired sneakers and it makes it easier for others to sell the shoes that they already own.

Since 2005, Flight Club has been the most trusted source for sneaker seekers and sellers, effectively becoming one of the world's leading sneaker marketplace.  With a tradition rooted in guaranteed authentic merchandise they have a reputation that began in 1999 with vintagekicks.com

Flight Club established itself as the premier location for both customers and consignors alike.  For more than a decade, this has been the most reliable source for customers demanding authentic merchandise; and it’s the most hassle-free process for independent sellers looking to move their inventory.   The first store opened its doors in April 2005 at 254 Greene Street in New York, immediately expanding Flight Club’s consigning and selling operations. The brand explored locations throughout SoHo and the Financial District — and briefly popped up in Japan — before adding a California shop at 503 N Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles and settling in at 812 Broadway in New York.

What is the business model behind the success of Flight Club consignment sneakers?


The do-it-yourself nature of the Internet, from building your own website to arranging auctions and classified listings, hasn’t always been conducive to effectively selling sneakers. VintageKicks.com developed the model in 1999, arranging today’s best practices for showcasing and selling sneakers to prospective customers around the world. Flight Club mastered those fundamentals.

Consigning with Flight Club truly is sneaker selling simplified. The most active step a consignor takes when arranging an 80/20 consignment relationship with Flight Club is providing the merchandise — and that can be arranged by mail on sell.flightclub.com, or by dropping items off at the stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Flight Club stands by your property. They shoot detailed, high-resolution pictures for e-commerce; market high-demand sneakers and obscure classics across its growing social media channels; and they handle in-store sales, storage, and shipping to destinations around the world. And after those sneakers move into the customers' hands, checks valued at 80% of the final sale prices are cut every Tuesday for consignors whose items sold throughout the previous week. That simple. Sellers don't need to bargain, worry about any kind of payment fraud, or personally carry high volumes of product to mail carriers.

It’s what Flight Club does each and every day at industry-leading volumes. It’s an airtight system that’s been at the core of the business since 1999 that no other marketplace can match.

What you can find at Flight Club

From limited editions to unworn vintage sneakers, Flight Club has fresh pairs of your must-haves and your sneaker grails. Today, Flight Club welcomes thousands of daily customers and ship hundreds of sneakers around the world from its two locations. And they’re always guaranteed authentic.  With Flight Club, customers don’t need to camp outside the stores or stay connected to the Internet for raffles, lotteries or RSVP alerts. There are no preorders or reservations. As long as the item is in stock, all customers are empowered with the same opportunity to acquire everything they want.

Flight Club is one of the only places where you can still try on those hard-to-find sneakers — whether they released a decade ago or they're an unreleased Friends & Family pair — and decide if they’re right for you. Whether it’s a rare collaboration that only released internationally, or a limited running sneaker that was exclusive to a small boutique, Flight Club connects you with the items you want.

Visit their website at http://www.flightclub.com/ to learn more about what amazing sneakers they have to offer.

Learn more about consignment shops here on Apparel Search.

Have you purchased sneakers at a consignment shop?  Did you have a good experience?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for taking the time to read our footwear blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Clog

Shop Alexander McQueen Clogs

Denim and multicolored embroidered clog with slip on construction with single adjustable buckle fastening heel strap. Wooden platform with metal pin studs which fix to the upper sole. Square toe front shape. Alexander McQueen branding on the sole. Rubber sole gives grip. 10cm heel height.

Here is the back view of the same embroidered clog.

It is very possible that the above pictured clog could become one of the best shoes of 2016.
Alexander McQueen Clogs 2016

Shop for Alexander McQueen clogs and other fashion items at their website.


See more top shoe styles on our Pinterest shoe board.

Laurel DeWitt Metal Fashion & Accessories

Metal clothing designed by Laurel DeWitt.
Brooklyn has served as Laurel DeWitt’s muse since attending its prestigious Pratt Institute. With taste as versatile as her own gifts she finds inspiration in its vintage yet avant garde culture in the midst of Brooklyn’s booming artistic scene. She is a seasoned designer and artist and in addition to her own brand, she is a graphic design, branding and marketing maven—effortlessly bringing creative visions into fruition. She has designed handbags and accessories for Kenneth Cole Reaction, Juicy Couture, Macy’s, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and Oscar de la Renta Intimate Apparel to name a few. While her fashion bags and designs are found in major retailers, her own brand continues to re-imagine the distinction between clothing and accessories.

Working with metal to make clothing is a rather unique and complicated project. Clean lines showcase the diametric results of DeWitt’s complicated process, illustrating the designer’s unparalleled mastery over the vast behaviors of metal. The body-hugging slink of a ‘70s hood dress, flowing to the floor like liquid mercury, works in tandem with metal-mesh open weave shirts boasting fistfuls of bouncing fringe in geometric patterns. Just as impressively, DeWitt reconceives elaborate work from legendary embroidery houses like Maison Lesage, with golden flowers made of layered metal leaflets cascading from the shoulders of a cropped jacket.

You have probably already seen our blog post about Beyonce wearing a Laurel DeWitt metal crown in a music video.  Was the music "heavy metal"?  Sorry, for the poor joke.

The metal fashion collection designed by Laurel has been worn by Beyoncé (as mentioned above), actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Milla Jovovich, reality star Khloe Kardashian, Grammy award winners Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland, Lil Kim, Brandy, Will.i.am, Eve, Melanie Fiona, and superstar Nicki Minaj.

To learn more about this fascinating fashion designer, you can visit Laurel's website at http://www.laureldewitt.com/ 

About the Beyonce Crown

Have you seen the new Coldplay video "Hymm for the Weekend" featuring Beyonce?

Queen Bey's crown is bar far the most stand out accessory featured in the video, which is currently taking the internet by storm!
Beyonce's Metal Crown
Possibly you have been wondering who designed Beyonce's crown.

Designer ​Laurel DeWitt, known for one of a kind metal apparel and regal crowns and headdresses, is excited to  ​give you the behind the scene details on Beyonce's crown in the new Coldplay video, "Hymn For The Weekend. ​"​Styled by Zerina Akers, Beyonce dons a hand sculpted Laurel DeWitt crown highlighted with metal flowers, entirely hand-cut, hand-rolled, and hand-painted to create a stunning display of incredibly meticulous metal work.

The crown is specially made of lightweight metals for Beyonce.​ The crown took nearly a month to conceptualize and create. The handwoven metal structure serves as a the foundation and is reflective of the designers sculptural aesthetic. The focal point, the metal flowers, showcase the Spring/Summer 16 transition into colors and metal floral applications. This serves as Beyonce's debut in Laurel DeWitt
About Beyonce's Crown
Ms. DeWitt, inspired by global regalia, is self-taught in the craft of metal mastery. With fashion at top of mind – wearable, elegant clothing with metal at its core – this upcoming season will not be one to miss.

Learn more about Beyonce in our fashion celebrity section.

Learn more about designer Laurel DeWitt at http://www.laureldewitt.com/

Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Go with Indigo

Indigo Style
Levi has taken indigo in every direction this season.  Think rich, saturated hues, overdyed to perfection and designed to age perfectly the more you wear them. They age better than a fine wine.

Blue Hue Indigo Jeans

Dark Indigo Crewneck Top
Cut for a standard fit in a super soft knit, this basic crewneck sweatshirt is an essential with lightweight feel and fleece-like lining. Features a V-stitch at the neck and ribbing along the neck, side panels, cuffs and hem. This one features sequin detailing at the neck for a touch of charm.

Shoe for blue hues and rich indigo at http://www.levi.com

If you were asking yourself, "What is Indigo?", you may want to read the indigo definition here on Apparel Search.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Didit Hediprasetyo Haute Couture Fashion

DIDIT HEDIPRASETYO Couture Presentation during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week


Spring-Summer 2016

Couture Collection

Attended both Parsons School of Design New York and Paris respectively, he received Silver Thimble Award in 2006 and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design at 2007. With a passion for structured draperies and intricate embellishments, in addition to sophisticated workmanship, Hediprasetyo remains effortless yet refined in creating his clothing. His designs are to accentuate understated details. It is the intimate luxury of one-on-one relationship with a significant individual that makes his fondness of couture more realistic.

Boyfriend Fashion

Steal your boyfriend's heart, not his clothing.

Sure, its fun taking clothes from someone else's closet, but don't you value the "fit" of a garment?  Let's be honest, baggy is comfortable, but it may not always be the best fit or flattering.  If you want a similar style to your boyfriend or husband you can simply go to a "women's" fashion store and hunt for their selection of "boyfriend fashion".
boyfriend fashion
The fashion industry understands that some women want to wear clothing with a hint of masculine style.  Many years ago, it was determined by fashion designers that it would be a good idea to offer women what they want. Therefore, you can hit the boutiques for your masculine fashion fix rather than raid your boyfriends closet.  I am fairly certain, you would enjoy the fit better.

Boyfriend fashion is any style of women's clothing that was modified from a corresponding men's garment. Examples include boyfriend jackets, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend blazers, which are often more unisex or looser in appearance and fit than most women's jackets or trousers, though still designed for the female form.

It is hard to determine the origin of boyfriend fashion.  Some people say the trend started after 2000, but their are clear signs of girls wearing their boyfriends clothing in the 1980's.  My guess is that it started long before that time.  However, when did women's clothing stores start selling apparel that looked like men's fashion?

The boyfriend jeans trend, which are baggy, typically destroyed, low-rise jeans look so comfy and effortless.  However, the style is not for everyone.  The nature of wearing baggy jeans can potentially be less flattering.  On the other hand, they are good at covering up, if you ate too much during the holidays...

Learn about Boyfriend Jeans from the boyfriend jean term here on Apparel Search.

You may want to see the new boyfriend boots blog post that was spotlighted earlier today on the Style Blog website.  The post shows a nice pair of UGG boots worth checking out.

A good boyfriend should know to always have a nice set of clean, casual clothes available just in case his girlfriend needs or wants a change of clothing.

Here are a few blog posts from other websites that you may find to be of interest:

Styling Notes for the Boyfriend Jean

Boyfriend Jean on Pinterest

Boyfriend Jeans at Art Symphony

Boyfriend Jeans Refined Style

How to wear boyfriend jeans

Learn more about boyfriend boots in the Apparel Search fashion terms section.

Labellamafia Fitness Wear for Women & Men

From fitness fanatics to the men and women who just need an extra push of motivation to get to the gym, Apparel Search is pleased to introduce Labellamafia fitness wear.  Founded by IFBB Bikini athlete, journalist and fitness guru Alice Matos,   Labellamafia was launched out of Brazil to inspire motivation to maintain an active lifestyle for men and women who don't want to leave style in the dust while getting their sweat on.
Labellamafia Fitness Wear
Since opening up shop in South Beach,  Miami in 2013, Labellamafia has continued to prove itself as a fitness wear powerhouse both in-store and online, ranking in The Hot 100 E-Commerce apparel sites in 2014.  With over one-million Facebook “Likes”, Labellamafia went on to create The Hard Core Ladies, a blog filled with helpful, realistic tips on lifestyle, diet and fashion.
Labellamafia Athletic Apparel
In latest collection, Road to Redemption, we're showcasing an alternative bend on active wear, offering a wide range of leggings in vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns with a supreme second-skin fit. Utilizing a unique method of atomic modeling in our design process, we leave the heavy stitching and tearing seems by the wayside so you can workout without feeling constricted. Under the Labellamafia label, we introduce Lamafia for men— a collection featuring tees, joggers, snap-backs and sneakers in modern, high-quality designs.
Labellamafia Men's Fitness Style
Appearing at events from the Arnold Classic to Mr. Olympia 2015 and The Fashion Revolution Day, our unique, inspirational mindset and dedication to motivate coincides with one-of-a-kind patterns and designs to create something much more than a brand— Labellamafia creates a lifestyle.

They offer affordable clothing, ranging in price from $30USD to $99USD.

Labellamafia can be found in-store: 231A 8th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, or online at www.labellamafiaclothing.com.

Labellamafia is Workout Wear With Attitude

Men's & Women's Graphic Tees Inspire

Fashion designers pull inspiration from musical icons and exclusive collaborations to create a radical selection of graphic tees.  Visit the Lucky Brand website to see more graphic t-shirts to help inspire your wardrobe choices this month.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Cheryl Burke Struts with Style

Cheryl Burke was photographed wearing a Signorelli x Ashley Tisdale tee layered with a See U Soon tweed coat in Beverly Hills this week. The Dancing with the Stars alum added a pop of color with a yellow See U Soon skirt and mulberry Hipsters For Sisters bag while accessorizing with delicate Traci Lynn Jewelry earrings!
See U Soon tweed coat in Beverly Hills
Below is a fashion model wearing the same t-shirt so you can have another look at the graphic tee.
Signorelli x Ashley Tisdale tee
Here is a closer look at the mulberry Hipsters For Sisters bag she was holding.
Below is a better photo of the earrings.
Traci Lynn Jewelry earrings
See U Soon coat and skirt (Price Available Upon Request, www.see-u-soon.fr) 

Signorelli x Ashley Tisdale Wander Wander Wander tee ($38, www.shopsignorelli.com

Hipsters For Sisters Fringe Belt Bag in Mulberry ($165, www.hipstersforsisters.com)

Traci Lynn Jewelry Pin Point Earrings ($21, www.tracylynnjewelry.com)

You may also want to see our fashion blog post about Cheryl Burke from earlier this week as well.

Baird & Baird Valentines Day Handbag

Baird & Baird

The Shelby II Crocodile bag with 24k plated handmade hardware on white tail deer handle.

Levi's Super Bowl 50 Collection

Capture history with the exclusive SB50 gear.  
Super Bowl 50 Fashion Collection
Yup, Levi's has their own Super Bowl 50 Collection.

Available online and in select Levi's Stores.

Learn more at the Levi's website.

By the way, they had a NFL Super Bowl fashion collection last year as well.

New York Fashion Week February 1-4 2016

Men's Fashion Highlights

Amazon Fashion, East Dane, and MyHabit present New York Fashion Week Men's, February 1-4. Visit the hub to get daily updates.  

Shop Amazon Fashion - New York Fashion Week Men's
Men's Must Have Fashion 2016

Year-round, check out the Amazon Fashion Men's Shop for Amazon.com's selection of men's clothing, shoes, watches, and more. Select closet essentials with ease, whether you're on the hunt for jeans, a fine watch, or running shoes.

You can filter by brand, size, color, and more. For specific needs, like big-and-tall sizes, workwear, or suiting, browse their men's clothing shops, where you'll find the latest trends as well as timeless classics. Best of all, many Amazon.com items are eligible for free shipping and free returns.

By the way Valentines day is coming soon.  You may want to buy some fashion essentials for yourself or the man in your life.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Angel Parker Dazzles in Parade at Premiere

Actress Angel Parker sparkled on the red carpet last night at FX's American Crime Story - The People v. O.J. Simpson premiere in Los Angeles! Angel accessorized her bold red dress with Parade's (Style no. E3399A) Indigo Tanzanite Earrings ($6,400; ParadeDesign.com).
Angel Parker Dazzles at American Crime Story Premiere
Angel Parker Dazzles in Earrings
Indigo Tanzanite Earrings

PATUNA Couture Collection

Spring-Summer 2016
PATUNA Spring-Summer 2016 Fashion
Couture Collection

Undoubtedly, Patuna is one of the most celebrated designers in luxury fashion for her everlasting passion for art and dedication to creativity.  

This talented designer started her career out of true love for her talents and skill, as she passionately wants to share her creations to the world. Her work has been displayed in various parts of the world winning the envious hearts of women that are looking to own Patuna's designs.   
Her collections offer a range of Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture. 

In recent years, Patuna studied sketching with a professional tutor on anatomy, dress/shoe design and portraiture, and earned a degree in fashion merchandising and design, Sewing/dressmaking and cosmetology/aesthetics. Patuna uses her own technique she developed of applying Swarovski crystals to her designs.

Learn more at http://www.patunafashion.com/

Patuna is currently the owner and director of Patuna Fashion House.

If you are not sure the meaning of the term "fashion house", you can visit the fashion house definition in our terms section.

Manolo Blahnik Footwear Designer Documentary

It is being revealed today that Manolo Blahnik, one of the most influential and talked-about icons in contemporary fashion, will be the subject of a documentary feature film MANOLO (The boy who made shoes for lizards), directed by Michael Roberts.

The film is being produced by Nevision Studios One Limited.  Executive Producers are James Cabourne, Tiggy Maconochie and Anne Morrison.

Roberts said: “Having known Manolo for over 30 years, I can say he is a multifaceted intellectual and romantic whose engaging mind and ingenious work is made for entertaining cinema.”

Content Media has acquired worldwide sales rights to the documentary and will immediately begin introducing the film to distributors in Berlin during the EFM.

James Cabourne says: “Manolo Blahnik is an icon who continues to inspire people around the globe. We are genuinely excited to be producing this exclusive documentary showcasing his incredible lifetime of work.”

Content’s President of Film Jamie Carmichael said: “Manolo Blahnik is fashion royalty and the King of his craft.  He also happens to be a wonderfully colourful and fascinating man, with a unique world view.  Michael Roberts is a director with unparalleled access and understanding of the fashion world and the combination of both these golden elements will make for fabulous and fascinating cinema.”

MANOLO (The boy who made shoes for lizards) is an in-depth portrait of the man who is regarded as a genius by some of the most revered figures in fashion; A behind-the-scenes peek into his world; And a must see for any person who has ever looked longingly at a pair of his shoes - famously known on a first name basis as ‘Manolos’. This thanks to the globally successful TV series ‘Sex and The City’ which turned Manolo Blahnik’s shoes into a cultural sensation.

The film will feature a ‘who’s who’ list of some of the most notable figures in the fashion and entertainment worlds including Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, Paloma Picasso, Candace Bushnell, Charlotte Olympia, Iman, Jamie Preto, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, David Bailey, Isaac Mizrahi, Joan Burnstein, Mary Beard, Colin McDowell, Penelope Tree, Prince of Lampedusa, Rupert Everett and of course Manolo Blahnik himself.

Production on the documentary is currently underway.

The documentary comes at a pivotal time for Manolo Blahnik, whose label continues to grow. The Couture Council Artistry of Fashion honored Blahnik with an award at the Lincoln Center in New York City last September ahead of the Fall Fashion Week. Blahnik received the award as a result of his longstanding dedication to superior craftsmanship and innovative design. For more than 40 years, he has been meticulously designing his shoe line, which has attracted a cult following including the likes of Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, and The Duchess of Cambridge.

Also in September, the first comprehensive and lavishly illustrated volume to document the influences and life work of Blahnik, was published by Rizzoli. Featuring over 40 years of shoe design, this is the definitive monograph of the work of Blahnik, one of the titans of contemporary fashion. The book is a comprehensive survey of Blahnik’s work and provides access to never-before-seen photography of his designs with insightful chapters devoted to Blahnik’s most powerful relationships and inspirations.

Director Michael Roberts is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, stylist, illustrator, author and journalist. He received the MTV best breakthrough video award for Bryan Ferry’s “Limbo.” His multidisciplinary fashion career commenced at London’s Sunday Times newspaper. For three decades, Roberts worked for Conde Nast in London, Paris, New York, initially as style director and art director of Tatler, next as British Vogue’s design director, Paris editor of Vanity Fair, and contributing editor of Conde Nast Traveller. Appointed to be the New Yorker’s first fashion director in 1997, he served in the role for nine years until 2006, when Graydon Carter conceived the position of fashion and style director for Roberts at Vanity Fair. Since 2010, he has contributed to Vanity Fair as style editor-at-large.

Over the last 25 years, Roberts’ photographs and illustrations have appeared regularly in the international editions of GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue, as well as i-D, Interview, L’Uomo Vogue, V Magazine, the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Times. Shot in Sicily (Steidl, 2007), presents images of the people, traditions and landscape of the Italian island which Roberts captured over twenty years. Roberts has also published six books featuring his critically acclaimed fashion illustrations. He art directed and edited the 2002 Steidl illustrated tome, Grace, Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue, which American Vogue’s creative director, Grace Coddington described as “her life in pictures.” He also co-authored Grace, Coddington’s best-selling memoir, which Random House published in 2012.

Manolo is the most recent high-profile addition to Content Media’s impressive international sales slate, which includes Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s produced sci-fi “Higher Power”; Joel David Moore’s dramedy “Youth in Oregon” starring Christina Applegate, Josh Lucas, Billy Crudup, Frank Langella and Nicola Peltz; Dennis Hauck’s neo-noir detective thriller “Too Late,” starring Academy Award®-nominee John Hawkes; the supernatural horror Don’t Knock Twice,” from ‘The Machine’ team starring Katee Sackhoff, Lucy Boynton and Nick Moran; the Maria Callas biopic Callas, starring Noomi Rapace with Niki Caro directing; the uplifting emotional  drama “Life at these Speeds” starring Billy Crudup, Graham Rogers and Tim Roth; the star-studded romantic drama “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” starring Jason Sudeikis, Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Orlando Jones, with Paul Reiser and Mary Steenburgen; Amy Berg’s “Janis: Little Girl Blue” selected at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals; the supernatural heist thriller “The Trust”; the smash hit HBO documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief” from Academy Award® winning director Alex Gibney, which was the network's most watched documentary premiere in a decade; and Oscar Wilde's “The Canterville Ghost” voiced by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.

About Manolo Blahnik

With a career spanning over 40 years as an independent label, Manolo Blahnik has become one of the world’s most influential footwear designers. His shoes have spellbound an international set of adoring and loyal devotees across the globe. Born in the Canary Islands to a Spanish mother and a Czech father, he studied languages and art in Geneva before moving to Paris in 1965 where he decided to become a set designer. On a visit to New York in 1970, he showed his theater designs to Diana Vreeland, then editor-in-chief of American Vogue, who honed in on his shoes and encouraged him to concentrate on them. Blahnik learned the art of making shoes by visiting factories where he talked to machine operators, pattern cutters, and technicians. By 1971, he was in London making shoes. A year later, Ossie Clark, then the most famous designer in London, used his shoes and from there his career blossomed. In 1973 he opened his first shop in London’s Chelsea. Blahnik is a craftsman. The exquisitely shaped lasts and heels he creates for his shoes are still perfected with his very own hands. The lines and silhouette of his distinctive handwriting, however, remain instantly recognizable as unique, inimitable exercises in precision and balance, exquisite workmanship and luxury. “Shoes,” he says, “help transform a woman.” From the flagship store in London, the label has expanded worldwide. He has also received many international awards throughout his career including an Honorary CBE in November 2007.
Manolo Blahnik Women's Shoe Collection

 About Nevision Studios

Nevision Studios is a creative hub, rooted in the production and financing of quality television and theatrical content for the global market. Nevision’s board boasts some of the UK’s leading creative and business executives including James Cabourne, Neil Zeiger, Tim Buxton, Nigel Pickard and Sharon Bloom with a string of globally renowned drama credits to their names. Through a forward thinking, concept-to-screen initiative, Nevision works as a co-producer forming creative relationships with other like-minded producers, accelerating production and enabling access to international markets; and as an executive producer providing a transparent and fast route to deficit finance.

About Content Media Corporation

Content Media Corporation Ltd is a London and LA-based private company that owns and distributes a significant library of film, television, and digital assets. The Company’s library of rights includes over 5,000 hours of television programming, 200 hours of digital programming and 275 feature films.

Content Media recently closed a multi-faceted deal with Bruno Wu’s Beijing-based Seven Stars Entertainment and Media, Ltd., in which Content acquired the Alive Group of companies allowing Content to distribute its extensive library of film and television rights through the Alive Group to the Chinese market, as well as a direct equity investment by Seven Stars into Content

The film sales division launched in 2002 and represents high profile, commercial feature films with great artistic and theatrical ambition. In addition to handling worldwide sales, marketing, and publicity, the company assists film producers in securing financing.

Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion industry movie blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative.

Learn about other fashion industry movies here on Apparel Search.  By the way, we also posted an article about Manolo way back in April of 2009.  It was regarding Manolo Blahnik Suede Pumps.  He has done so much since then.

If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cheryl Burke with Du Monde, Parker Smith and Patricia Nash Style

Cheryl Burke was photographed wearing a Du Monde Faux Fur jacket, Parker Smith jeans and a Patricia Nash bag yesterday! 
The Hollywood Game Night star cut a stylish figure as she made her way through Beverly Hills. 

Here is another look at the jeans worn by a fashion model.

(sorry, picture a bit blurry) 

Below is another look at the handbag from Patricia Nash.
Du Monde Faux Fur Jacket (Price Available Upon Request, www.dumondetrading.com)
Parker Smith Felicity Flare in Into The Blue ($210, www.parkersmith.com)
Patricia Nash  Toledo Crossbody ($199, www.patricianashdesigns.com)

Learn more about stylish celebrity Cheryl Burke on social media and other resources from our celeb guide.

The pants give her a sassy 70's fashion look.  Don't you agree?

Garment Creator Software for Direct-to-garment (DTG) Printer

Epson today announced updates to its Garment Creator software for the award-winning SureColor® F2000 direct-to-garment (DTG) printer. The new enhanced software includes a “Use Garment Black” capability for reduced ink usage and an improved look and feel when printing on black garments.
Direct to Garment Printer

“Our goal when Epson first entered the DTG market in 2013 was to deliver superior print quality, reliability and ease-of-use, providing additional revenue opportunities for print shops of all sizes. The customer feedback and success of the SureColor F2000 to date has been phenomenal,” said Larry Kaufman, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “Now with the addition of our updated Garment Creator software, we are fulfilling our highest priority requests and our customers will be able to achieve new levels of image quality, all the while cutting down on the ink costs associated with imaging in the very popular black garment segment.”

The latest version of Garment Creator software, available for OS X® and Windows®, automatically recognizes and knocks out black areas of an image file and leverages the black fabric of a garment. By simply selecting the new “Use Garment Black” preset, the complex task of trying to mask off these black areas of the image is now done automatically. The end result is reduced ink usage from the elimination of black ink over white ink imaging and a better looking and feeling garment.

Joto, a supplier of digital decorating solutions and supplies for the garment decoration industry, has been using the new Garment Creator software with impressive results. “We’ve been testing the updated Garment Creator software and it’s amazing – it saves ink and cuts down on design time – making it a worthwhile upgrade to the already efficient and high-performance SureColor F2000,” said Dickson Siu, Color Specialist, Joto.

About the SureColor F2000

Engineered by Epson from the ground up, the SureColor F2000 Series printers deliver industrial-level production, image quality and reliability. With the ability to print directly onto garments – t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tote bags, and more – ranging from 100 percent cotton to 50/50 cotton/synthetic fiber blends, the SureColor F2000 Series offers additional revenue opportunities for garment print shops of any size.


The new Garment Creator software will be available in late-Jan. as a free download from www.epson.com/support/f2000.

About Epson

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in printing, visual communications, quality of life and manufacturing. Epson’s lineup ranges from inkjet printers, printing systems and 3LCD projectors to industrial robots, smart glasses and sensing systems and is based on original compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies.

Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises nearly 72,000 employees in 93 companies around the world, and is proud of its contributions to the communities in which it operates and its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental burdens.

Epson America, Inc., based in Long Beach, Calif., is Epson’s regional headquarters for the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. To learn more about Epson, please visit: epson.com. You may also connect with Epson America on Facebook (facebook.com/Epson), Twitter (twitter.com/EpsonAmerica), YouTube (youtube.com/EpsonAmerica), and Instagram (instagram.com/EpsonAmerica).

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