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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fashion Jobs for Women Only

Darn, I found what I thought would be a perfect employment opportunity.  As I was reading through the list of responsibilities I ran into a little problem when reaching bullet point number four.  Everything else was perfect, but not sure how I would be able to work my way around this one.

Here is how the job responsibility read, "A critical requirement of this position is to measure female consumers to determine the proper fit for bras and various other undergarments and intimate apparel in the privacy of the women’s fitting room on a regular basis."

Sure, I would be very good at the job, but I don't think that I would be the ideal candidate that the employer or the customer had in mind.  

I have a funny feeling that this is a gender bias job opportunity.  Can men apply for this position?

This particular job opportunity was for a Sales Merchandiser position at Hanesbrands.  If you are qualified (and female), you can find the listing at the fashion job search website (which is a sister site of Apparel Search).

If you want to work in the clothing industry, but you are not sure what positions are most appropriate for your skills, you may want to browse the clothing industry job descriptions section here on our site.

Also, it is important to note that we are NOT sure if this employment opportunity mentioned above is for men & women.  We are only "assuming" that it is intended for women only.  For more specifics, you would really need to consult with their HR department, not base any judgement on this blog post.  In our opinion, this job for by for ladies only.

Read more career blog posts if you are interested in this subject.

Warm Winter Clothing Guide 2014-15

Winter dropped some more snow on us yesterday morning (East Coast, United States).  It may be a good time to hunt around for a warmer pair of gloves.  I found an interesting winter gear guide to help keep our digits a bit warmer.  Now we are stuck with the age old question, “should I go with gloves or mittens?”  Obviously there are pros and cons to both.  If you are stricktly going for “warmth”, I would lean toward mittens.

If you are like me and interested in researching “warm” winter gear, you may want to check the guide links below for the Active Junky website.
I have my eye on the following two items to keep my fingers warm, but not yet fully decided.  Sure, I hope to get this figured out before spring.
Burton GoreTex Mitt - http://www.burton.com/  On storm days nothing beats GORE-TEX®. It’s no surprise since WL Gore invented the concept of waterproof/breathable fabrics, but that technical cred is why we lined the Burton GORE-TEX® Leather Mitt with his GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® invention. Combined with Thermacore™ insulation, it’s a one-two punch that will keep hands warm and dry even if it’s snowing sideways. The grippy and durable genuine leather Gnar Guard palm includes Screen Grab® enabled thumb and index finger panels for touchscreen control without exposing your hands to the cold.

Excursion Glove DAKINE http://www.dakine.com/w/snowboard/mens  Dakine is an American outdoor clothing company specializing in sportswear and sports equipment for alternative sports. Founded in Hawaii, the name comes from the Hawaiian Pidgin word "da kine" (derived from "the kind").  Now based in Oregon, the company also sponsors team riders from the lifestyle and sporting fields of skiing, snowboarding, and other activities.

Do you have a warm clothing item suggestion for this winter?  Let us know the item, brand, and style that you think is best.

Responsible Down Standard

The North Face is committed to improving animal welfare and traceability in the goose down and feather supply chain.  They created the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to help ensure that the down that they utilize in their products does not come from animals that have been subject to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking, and to provide a traceability system to validate the original source of down used in The North Face products.  Certified down will be incorporated into their products starting in Fall 2015 with a goal of 100 percent certification by Fall 2017.

The North Face uses down in outerwear and sleeping bags because of its superior insulating properties and warmth-to-weight ratio.  A couple of years ago, they became aware of the potential mistreatment of animals in the food supply chain from which they sourced their down.

They had been relying on self-declarations from their suppliers but it became clear that this was not sufficient.  The down supply chain is very complex and the animals and raw materials typically change hands many times, making validation difficult.  Due to this complexity, they were very deliberate in their development of the RDS and sought input from experts in animal welfare, standard development and materials traceability.  A team from The North Face traveled to China and Eastern Europe to evaluate their supply chains in those regions.  Because down can be sourced from small farms as well as large slaughterhouses, the team evaluated everything from hatcheries to family farms to processing facilities

The company developed a standard that addresses the down supply’s diverse challenges by tapping the expertise of two key partners, Control Union Certifications, an accredited third-party certification body with expertise in agriculture and farm systems, and Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit dedicated to sustainability in the apparel and textile industry.

The North Face gifted ownership of the RDS to Textile Exchange, which will allow any organization seeking to source down more responsibly to use this tool.  Adam Mott, Director of Sustainability explains that, “Our hope is that the collective use of the RDS will effectively promote positive animal welfare conditions and traceability in the down supply chain at a much larger scale than we could accomplish alone.  We firmly believe that by driving positive change across the global supply chain, the RDS will benefit the industry at large.”

The RDS v2 Stakeholder Review period is officially open.   Textile Exchang is asking any interested parties to take time to review the revised draft of the standard, in order to provide feedback.  The revised standard is a result of the work of the International Working Group.  The review included stakeholders from throughout the supply chain, animal welfare groups including Humane Society International, PETA and 4-Paws,and brands and retailers.  A webinar introduced the standard to stakeholders. The form includes all the written comments collected through the feedback form, written responses to each one, with key themes listed first.  Further changes to the standard were made as a result of the review, as well as phone conversations with stakeholders.

The Textile Exchange is very grateful for their contribution of time and expertise into making this the strongest possible standard for the down industry.  To participate in the Stakeholder Review, please follow the guidelines listed on their website.  If you have any questions, please send them to Integrity@TextileExchange.org.

You can learn more about the Responsible Down Standard at the Textile Exchange website.

On Apparel Search, we have a directory of feather & down suppliers.  We are not currently sure which of them would be certified or not.  If you plan to work with any of those suppliers, we suggest that you ask them to confirm if they have been certified or not.

Below is a bit more on the subject of down clothing:

Learn about TurboDown on the Fashion Blog.  You can also use the search to find additional posts regarding down or any other subject. 

Learn about selecting insulated vests & jackets in the research section of our textile education guide.

You may also have interest in Fjällräven Down and reading the down definition.

Thank you for taking the time to read our apparel & textile industry blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Bold Printed Shoe Trend 2015

Great news for ShoeDazzle fans.  Look at all the great printed shoe options below.

Going to Print - 2015 starts on a bold note, showcasing a wow-factor array of prints and patterns. Bold printed shoes is clearly a hot footwear trend for 2015.
Bold Print Shoe Trend 2015
Rattle On - beguiling reptilian details combine luxury with audacity.  These printed shoes from ShoeDazzle will clearly turn heads.
Rattle On Printed Shoes
Ready for making waves in the style community.  The blogs will be buzzing as soon as the authors catch celebrities wearing these printed patterns.  Zigzag patterns exude modern, high-fashion femininity.
Making Waves Printed Zigzag Pattern Shoes
Headbangers step back.  Heavy metal is passé.  Heavy PETAL is now in style. These moody, graphic florals lend a polite dose of intrigue.
Floral Print Women's Shoe Trends
We hope that you agree with us that the above printed footwear for women, is a bold and exciting trend for 2015.  If you wish to take a glance back at past trends, you are welcome to check some of our previous "amazing" blog posts.

ShoeDazzle VIP
Embellished Shoes from ShoeDazzle
Sporty & Chic Fashion Footwear
Safari Trend Shoes 
Metro Retro Shoes for Spring (2014)
Chromatic Metallic Shoe Trend
PEFF Shoe Lookbook

You may want to take a look back at summer 2014 shoe trends as well.  It is some times good to look back before looking forward.

If you love clothing as much as you love shoes, you may want to view the Nevermind for Paper Fox article we posted back in September of last year.  Very trendy clothing.

Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion footwear blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative and agree with us that bold printed shoes are important to +Fashionistas this year.

My guess is that printed footwear may make it onto the best shoes of 2015 consumer guide this year.

By the way, if you want to know more about the styles in the pictures above, here is the cheat sheet for your review.

1st Image (top of page), shoes left to right:
Estelle by Paper Fox VIP $49.95
Keely by Madison VIP $39.95

Zelda by Scene VIP $39.95

2nd Image clockwise from model:
Estelle by Paper Fox VIP $49.95
Nayla by Izabella Rue VIP $49.95
Adak by Paper Fox VIP $45.95
Estelle by Paper Fox VIP $49.95
Arryn by Signature VIP $39.95
Melodee by Izabella Rue VIP $49.95
Monea by Izabella Rue VIP $49.95
Arryn by Signature VIP $39.95
Monea by Izabella Rue VIP $49.95

3rd Image clockwise from model:
Daisy by ShoeDazzle VIP $39.95
Veronica by Madison VIP $39.95
Emry by ShoeDazzle VIP $35.95
Kaelyn by ShoeDazzle VIP $39.95
Zelda by Scene VIP $39.95
Meghan by ShoeDazzle VIP $29.95
Veronica by Madison VIP $39.95
Zelda by Scene VIP $39.95

4th Image clockwise from bag:
Palmer by Shoedazzle VIP $39.95
Keely by Madison VIP $39.95
Arika by Madison VIP $39.95
Eryn by Madison VIP $29.95
Janaka by Beau+Ashe VIP $45.95
Allison by Madison VIP $39.95
Juliet by Madison VIP $39.95

Note: prices and availability are subject to change.  Please check their site for most current details. http://www.shoedazzle.com/

If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Karo Swimwear 2015

We may be bundled up for now, but soon enough the warm weather will be back and so will swimsuit season. Karo Swimwear embraces modern, on-trend swimwear silhouettes and designs that add a touch of glamour to any beach scene.
Karo Swimwear for Women

Karo Swimwear offers a unique collection for the modern woman. Incorporating jewelry into every piece made, Karo Swimwear sets apart from the rest as it embodies feminine style with a unique embellishment. 
Karo Ladies Swimwear for 2015
Using bright color palettes, trendy prints, silhouettes and cuts, Karo Swimwear is a high-end collection of resort style swimwear inspired by natural stones, pearls, jewels, and crystals.

“Colors are bright, bold and the suits are elegant and classy. Each piece can be custom made to fit the owner to the smallest detail,” says CEO Kasia Roginska.
Karo Women's Swimwear for 2015

Karo Bikini Swimwear 2015
Are you ready for swim season 2015?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cindy + Johnny Fashion Collection Spring 2015

For generations​, changing seasons have inspired a​rtwork​ and design.  Mimicking society’s obsession with seasonal change and nature’s lifecycle, painters have sought to mirror the delicate balance of color and detail which prevail in nature with humanity’s optimism for Springtime.  Cindy + Johnny’s Spring​ 2015​ Collection channels the ancestral appeal of classic artwork with a rare contemporary aesthetic, making for a series of focal point prints and distinct pieces. 
Cindy + Johnny Fashion Spring 2015
The collection frames its use of prints with imaginative structural components, further provoking visual interest.  The collection makes inventive use of a-symmetrical hems in addition to shoulder and neckline cut-outs to create feminine silhouettes which are universally flattering and aesthetically appealing. 
Cindy + Johnny Spring 2015
Cindy + Johnny is a contemporary line designed in ​America based in New York City.  Taking inspiration from the lifestyle of the modern woman, the brand caters to comfy chic pieces which are as versatile as they are affordable, with all pieces retailing for under $200.  Utilizing quality fabric, the brand makes pieces which are effortlessly stylish, fusing updated classics with original trends. Cindy + Johnny is available at ​specialty​ boutiques across the United States as well as online, at www.cindyjohnny.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion brand blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Doctor Invents Nightlift Solution Sleepwear

Developed by one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world Dr. Randal Haworth and recently featured in GLAMOUR and The DAILY MAIL, Apparel Search would like to introduce you to Nightlift, the first and only intelligent sleepwear collection designed to protect and preserve breasts of all ages, sizes and shape during sleep.  As Beverly Hills' Plastic Surgeon to the stars, Dr. Haworth discovered that wearing a bra to bed is crucial in maintaining youthful breast shape and strength, and so he conceived and perfected Nightlift after extensive testing of over 45 prototypes. 

The Nightlift Solution Sleepwear
Frequently quoted and profiled in the media, Dr. Haworth's numerous television appearances include Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The Tyra Banks Show, MSNBC as well as innumerable local and international news features. Most prominently, he was the featured surgeon on Fox Television's international hit show THE SWAN. 

The Problem Dr. Haworth Identified: Unique gravitational forces are imposed upon the breasts with sleep, and years of this breast neglect can result in widening and splaying of the actual breast with flattening and hollowness of the upper pole. In the case of side-sleeping, the top breast falls onto the lower one, compressing it while contributing to those dreaded vertical chest wrinkles across the décolleté.

The Nightlift Solution: With its double patented B.U.S.T. (Bilateral Uplift Support Technology), Nightlift helps keep women's breasts youthful and perky while playing it's part to help prevent the need for a breast lift with its attendant scars in the future. By keeping the top breast separated from the bottom, it also helps prevent the formation of the vertical décolleté chest wrinkles.
Dr. Randal Haworth
Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion & health blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. 

Read more blog posts about bras on the bra blog page of our directory.

If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Dascha Polanco Bonded L/S Sheath Dress

Dascha Polanco posted a photo of herself wearing Cynthia Rowley on her instagram yesterday! The Orange Is The New Black actress looked stunning in her Bonded L/S Sheath Dress ($410; www.cynthiarowley.com).
Dascha Polanco Wearing Bonded L/S Sheath Dress
Below is a fashion model wearing the dress so that you can have a better look at the garment.
Bonded L/S Sheath Dress
You may want to also check out the following fashion blog posts:
Dashcha Polanco with Brazilian Spirit

You can find more about Cynthia Rowley by using the search engine toward the top of this page.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

AnnaLynne McCord Yoloha

AnnaLynne McCord posted a photo on Instagram carrying her LANY backpack and sporting a Zombie Beach hat in Arizona yesterdayThe actress accessorized her sporty chic look with her Let's Make It Brief backpack in black ($60; www.lanystyle.com) and her YOLOHA Snapback ($25; www.survivezombiebeach.com).
AnnaLynne McCord Smoking Hot
Let's Make It Brief backpack

YOLOHA Snapback
YOLOha is a philosophy of life combing two disparate but compatible concepts. YOLO (You only live once) and Aloha, the grand cultural spirit of togetherness and family that exists in Hawaii. 

AnnaLynne McCord is an American actress and model. Known for playing vixen-type roles, McCord first gained prominence in 2007 as the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck, and as the pampered Loren Wakefield on the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress.  In 2008, she was the second actress to be cast in the CW series 90210, portraying antiheroine Naomi Clark. Initially, the part of Clark was conceived as a supporting role. By the end of the first season, however, various media outlets had begun referring to McCord as the series' lead.  She does tons of other projects as well.

Carol Alt A Healthy You

Carol Alt is the ultimate pioneer and chameleon; constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new frontiers. Since her days as the world’s most renowned Supermodel, Carol Alt has gone on to be multi-award winning actor, bestselling author on Raw Food Nutrition and hosting her own show, “A Healthy You”.
Carol Alt
On “A Healthy You”, now in its second season, Carol shares tips she’s learned over her 30 plus year career as an international beauty icon, to help with attaining beautiful hair, skin, nails, and creating an overall healthy environment to be the best you! Carol also interviews renowned natural beauty, health and fitness experts. “A Healthy You” airs on Fox News on Saturday & Sundays at 4 pm EST. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/a-healthy-you-carol-alt/index.html

Carol’s expertise on Raw Food Nutrition and is the best-selling author of Eating in the Raw, The Raw 50 and Easy Sexy Raw. She also wrote book series on modeling called This Year’s Model and Model’s Incorporated.

Learn more about Carol at www.carolalt.com

Cotton Fabric Mill Traceability System

In an effort to continuously drive increased traceability for Better Cotton,  BCI is introducing user accounts for fabric mills to the Better Cotton Tracer. Initially, this will be run as a pilot. The change will mean that for the first time fabric mills will be part of the Better Cotton chain of traceability, allowing BCI retailers and brands to trace their cotton purchases more accurately and transparently.

In 2013, BCI, in partnership with ChainPoint, introduced an online traceability platform for use by ginners, spinners and retailers to record purchases and sales of Better Cotton – the Better Cotton Tracer.

The new pilot category gives fabric mills access to the Better Cotton Tracer for one year. This access will allow retailer members of BCI to track the use of Better Cotton more easily as it moves through the supply chain, increasing transparency.  In some cases, retailers will have full visibility from field to fabric for the first time.  The updates to the system will not yet provide the option of ‘Better Cotton Products,’ but do take BCI one step closer to the possibility of full physical traceability becoming an option for Retailer and Brand Members hopefully in 2016.

Ruchira Joshi, BCI Director of Programmes – Demand, says: “BCI aims to recruit 250 fabric mills as users in 2015, before assessing the success of the fabric mill pilot category.  We hope that by extending the use of the Better Cotton Tracer across different actors, BCI will contribute to more trusting relationships between these actors and a more transparent cotton sector as a whole.”

BCI launches the online Better Cotton Tracer back in August 2013 according to the company’s announcement on January 14th, 2014.

In August 2013, following eight months of developing the system, BCI launched the Better Cotton Tracer (BCT).  The BCT is a system used by traders, spinners and retailers to record purchases and sales of Better Cotton.  It tracks the movement of Better Cotton volumes as it moves up the supply chain through a centralized system of entering Better Cotton Credit Units (BCCU’s) into a central database.  In simple terms, the system checks volumes in and out in every single step of the supply chain.

Training took place at the annual Supply Chain Events in Turkey, Pakistan, India and China.  They started to see Better Cotton move through the system in September 2013, and by December 2013, they saw the first activity on the BCT from their Retailer and Brand members.

The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.  BCI aims to transform cotton production worldwide by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity.

To achieve this mission, BCI works with a diverse range of stakeholders across the cotton supply chain to promote measurable and continuing improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economies of cotton-producing areas.

Cotton is one of the world's most important natural fibers.  It is used by the majority of people on Earth nearly every day.  The  fiber is obviously used for clothing but it is also used in numerous other industries in one capacity or another.  A case can be made that the fiber supports the livelihoods of nearly 250 million people.  Therefore it is very important to the global economy.

If you are interested in learning more about cotton, you may want to review the cotton prices section of the Apparel Search fashion industry guide.

Read the cotton definition to learn more about this amazing fiber.

Learn more about cotton fabric mills.  The mills listed in our textile directory are not necessarily currently on the Better Cotton system.  If you are a clothing manufacturer planning to do business with a cotton mill, we suggest you ask the mills if they are on the system before decided on which mill to work with on your project.

Research more about The Better Cotton Initiative.

Thank you for taking the time to read our textile industry blog post. 

Learn all about fabric here on the Fashion Blog.

We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Björn Borg First Person Lover

Yesterday, on the 28th of January 2015, Björn Borg launched its spring summer 2015 collection through a game named First Person Lover; taking the collection inspiration of fictitious worlds to a whole new level. Through the game, players can wear key looks from the collection, and even purchase the clothes they wear.
Björn Borg First Person Lover Game

They have taken the aesthetics from the First Person Shooter games and turned it upside down. They  want to offer gamers and shoppers a whole new experience at the same time as they  continue their mission to take an active stand for more love in the world, comments Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director, Björn Borg AB.

In First Person Lover, evil and hatred is taking over a place in the world. You mission as a Love Agent is to fight the forces of evil with the power of love. Equipped with a love glove, you master your enemies with e.g. a hologram kiss blower, a flower petal thrower or rainbow caster made from pink gold, white leather and acrylic glass for the ultimate style experience.  

The Spring Summer collection is inspired by fictional worlds like mesmerizing mythical islands, lost worlds and visionary computer games. The collection was first presented at Fashion Week Stockholm last August. 

Fashion Show Video Published on Aug 28, 2014

In impressive caves on an island in Stockholm, Björn Borg, in collaboration with Creative Show Director Bea Åkerlund, treated the Fashion Week audience to an extravagant game-inspired runway show. Celebrating individuality, love and fashion in a digital era, the show served as a teaser for the Björn Borg ”First Person Lover” computer game, releasing worldwide in January 2015 together with the brand’s SS15 collection.  More information about the collection can be found at the bottom of this page.

It has been extraordinarily fun to see the collection come to life in 3D and having avatars wearing it. The game has taken my vision of fictional worlds to a whole new level. I might be the first designer ever that has his collection bought through a game, says James Lee, Head Designer, Björn Borg.

The First Person Lover Game is free of charge and can be played with Mac or PC at firstpersonlover.com

Game Specs:
  • Single player First Person Lover Game
  • Web based game for PC and Mac found at firstpersonlover.com
  • 30 minutes+ of game play in three levels
  • Lets players shop Björn Borg clothing in an in-game shopping mall
  • Co-developed with gaming star Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund
  • Game characters are inspired by strong, individual and fashionable models
  • Game world inspired by Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • All weapons are fictional and co-created by Garbergs/Isbit Games and Björn Borg
  • Graphic artist Christopher Brändström has recreated the Björn Borg Spring Summer 2015 collection in 3D.
  • Developed by Isbit Games.
  • Co-developer: e-sport player Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, 
ABOUT BJÖRN BORG: The Group owns the Björn Borg trademark and its core business is underwear. It also offers sportswear and fragrances as well as footwear, bags and eyewear through licensees. Björn Borg products are sold in around thirty markets, of which Sweden and the Netherlands are the largest. The Björn Borg Group has operations at every level from branding to consumer sales in its own Björn Borg stores. In total, there are 38 Björn Borg stores, of which 17 are operated in the Group. Total sales of Björn Borg products in 2013 amounted to around SEK 1.5 billion at the consumer level. Group net sales amounted to SEK 499 million in 2013, with 159 employees. The Björn Borg share has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic in Stockholm since 2007.

Learn more about fashion games here on Apparel Search.

More about the SS15 collection:

Björn Borg SS15 draws its inspiration from fictional worlds. Mesmerizing mythical islands, lost worlds and visionary computer games. A mainly monochrome collection where sport and fashion are intertwined.

The key prints in the collection are inspired by water, coral structures and ancient temples. These prints are found throughout all product groups. The key material trend for this season is mesh. This runs through inserts, paneling and details across apparel, underwear, bags, footwear and eyewear.
Styling takes its inspiration from scuba wetsuits through using chunky zips, neoprene, thicker seams and mixing together bright colours with black. Important colours in the SS15 collection are black & white and combining these with soft shades of grey, pink, orange and mint.
The Björn Borg SS15 collections of underwear, apparel, footwear and bags will be available at select retailers and Björn Borg concept stores as of January 2015.

Thank you for taking the time to read our fashion brand blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

SOURCING at MAGIC February 2015

As you most likely are already aware, the MAGIC trade show is coming very soon.  The smart supplier spend a good portion of the week monitoring the activities of SOURCING at MAGIC.  Before heading to the event, let's recap some of the portions you would not want to miss.

What’s happening on the SOURCING at MAGIC floor on February 16-19th?  Here are a few show floor events that should be on your radar:

Tenth Anniversary of the QIZ between ISRAEL AND EGYPT 
  • Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Israel, Egypt and USA signing the Qualifying Industrial Zone Protocol (QIZ).
  • Senior level trade ministry from Israel, Egypt and US in attendance.
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony at the EGYPTIAN PAVILLION.
  • Learn, network, and hang out in this season’s Sourcing Community Lounge.
  • Industry insiders will be hosting can’t-miss seminars, Hollywood’s hottest stylists will be stopping by to assess your product lines, and much more.
  • Fashion gurus from shows like ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, ABC’s Scandal, The Insider and supermodel EMME will be on hand to discuss:
  • Would Your Line Make It In Hollywood?
  • How Costume Designers Make TV & Film Come To Life
  • Plus Size Fashion: Are You Missing a MAJOR Market Opportunity? 
  • Get educated on duty free options between the U.S. and regions around the world. 
  • Opportunities for meetings with manufacturers from Duty Free partner countries as well as top educational seminars such as:
  • The SOURCING at MAGIC show floor will house a cultural emporium exclusively dedicated to global artisans.
  • Artists from around the world have been invited to showcase their unique, one of a kind and culture-based products. 
  • View live demonstrations from companies specializing in screen printing, sublimation, discharge printing and more.
  • Such as: Decorated Apparel: An Overview of Major Printing Platforms, Print, Cut & Sew: Manufacturing a Custom Garment, Screen Printing: A Behind the Scenes Look, Decorated Apparel: An Overview of Major Printing Platforms. 
  • Fiber companies, fabric mills, garment manufacturers, developers of technologies, universities, cutting-edge laundries and authentic handcrafters from around the world gather.
  • Will present innovative yarns, fabrics, and finishes, as well as applications and embellishments crafted by hand.
  • Learn how to navigate the changing landscape of manufacturing in China with matchmaking and translation services from industry experts, Manufacturer.com and TopTenWholesale.com. 
  • Showcasing new apps, marketing solutions and social media trends relevant to the business of fashion today.
  • Impromptu workshops will be held daily for exhibitors and attendees to learn how these innovative products can help advance their business.
  • On site: Alibaba, TrueShip and more.

The world’s most comprehensive fashion sourcing event, SOURCING at MAGIC is where brands, designers and sourcing executives gain access to global resources spanning the entire supply chain. We offer unmatched access to over 43 countries, more than 1,000 apparel, accessories, footwear and home textile resources, plus over 200 fabric, trim and component resources.

Learn more about SOURCING at MAGIC 2015.

Learn more about the MAGIC fashion events taking place in February.  You will most likely want to know more about the Global Artisan Village portion as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read our apparel industry trade show blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative. If you have comments or questions, please add your thoughts in the discussion area below.

Giving is Beautiful Soma Bra Donation

Earlier this week Soma announced its next Giving is Beautiful™ Soma Bra Donation.  The nationwide charitable initiative to collect bras for women who have been affected by domestic violence is said to be the largest of its kind.  With more than 885,000 bras collected to date, the scale and scope of the project is a testament to the brand and the Soma customer’s dedication to making a difference in women's lives.  Now through February 4th, the company will accept both new and gently worn bras at all Soma boutiques across the country as well as monetary donations at the register and at www.soma.com.

“Our passion and commitment to this initiative has never been stronger,” states Laurie Van Brunt, Soma president. “What started as a grass roots effort in a few local boutiques has grown to become a brand-wide and nationwide initiative spanning more than 281 Soma boutiques and outlets. Our boutiques and customers enthusiastically contribute their time, money and bras to help women in need restore their lives. It’s our ultimate goal that no woman has to choose between buying a bra and putting food on the table.”

To help raise awareness about domestic violence, Soma will once again partner with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). The NNEDV is the leading voice for survivors of domestic violence. Representing over 2,000 shelter programs across 56 state and territory coalitions throughout the United States, the NNEDV continues to be a vital partner to help spread the word and make a difference in women's lives.

The Giving is Beautiful Soma Bra Donation initiative is national in scope but local in nature — directly impacting communities where the bras are donated. Each of Soma’s 281 boutiques and outlets will work with its community’s women's shelter to help local women in need. First launched in July 2010, this marks the tenth biannual Soma Bra Donation initiative. To date, Soma has collected more than 885,000 bras to help provide for the more than 1.3 million victims who stay in domestic violence shelters each year.

"Soma is partnering their boutiques with local domestic violence shelters to make a real difference in the lives of domestic violence victims, who often arrive at a shelter with nothing, says Kim Gandy, President and CEO of the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV).  “New and nearly new bras are less frequently donated than other clothing items, so shelters are especially grateful to receive new bras for the women who seek safety there.  Through this essential campaign, Soma is helping to raise awareness in local communities, raise critically needed funds, and help victims rebuild their lives."

 “Thanks to our partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, new and gently worn bras are distributed to domestic violence shelters in our customers’ local communities. Our goal is to reach a million bras collected, because that translates to a million women feeling confident and beautiful, from the inside out,” says Van Brunt. “And every woman deserves to feel that way.”

To help reach the brand’s goal of one million bras collected, Soma will continue to utilize a unique, shareable hashtag, #OneMillionBras in their marketing and social platforms during the donation time period, and are asking customers across the country to help spread the word about this worthy cause by tagging @SomaIntimates. The brand will also have a donation landing page, www.soma.com/givebras allowing visitors to read a number of touching stories about how our 885,000 donated bras have changed women’s lives across the country, plus offer information about the NNEDV, how to donate bras, and where to find Soma boutiques nationwide. 

About Soma:
Soma, a division of Chico’s FAS, Inc. (NYSE: CHS), offers beautiful and sensual lingerie, loungewear and beauty products. Home of the warmest personal service, Soma embraces women with luxuriously soft fabrics, innovative fashion and an always perfect fit in bra sizes 32A-44G. As of January 8th, Soma will operate 281 boutiques and outlets across the country as well as a website at www.soma.com.

About NNEDV:

NNEDV, a nonprofit charitable organization, is the leading voice for domestic violence victims and their advocates.  NNEDV members include all 56 of the state and territorial coalitions against domestic violence, which have over 2,000 local programs. NNEDV has been a premiere national organization advancing the movement against domestic violence for over 20 years, having led efforts to pass the landmark Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and to reauthorize and strengthen countless laws and regulations to increase safety and end violence.  To learn more about NNEDV, please visit www.nnedv.org.

You may also want to read the living beyond breast cancer article previously posted on our blog.  You should also read the give a smile news about Chico's donating to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Thank you for taking the time to read our bra blog post. We hope that you have found this news to be informative.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding & Event Boutique by White House Black Market

White House Black Market is exciting to announce the launch of their Wedding & Event Boutique, exclusively at www.whbm.com.  
Wedding & Event Boutique Dresses
The new collection features the Genius dress, an exclusive convertible dress, available in two lengths, a Gown ($160) and Fit and Flare silhouette ($140).  Each style can be worn in a multitude of ways and are offered in a beautiful range of seasonal and fashion colors, including the brand’s signature black and white.  
Wedding & Event Boutique Dress

Free shipping and returns on the Genius dress make shopping seamless.  The Wedding & Event Boutique also includes coordinating sash belts, shoes and accessories designed specifically for this collection to create one of a kind party looks.  Prices for accessories range between $30 - $130.
Wedding & Event Boutique by White House Black Market
Read more fashion boutique blog and bridal fashion blog posts here on the Fashion Blog.

Fabulous Fashion Law Forum

WHAT: Fashion law is a quickly growing practice area — a place where IP and corporate junkies alike can aspire to dress stylishly while honing their legal skills in the glamorous world of haute couture law. Join the Above Law team, along with the fashion industry’s leading lawyers, for an evening of cocktails, canapés, and conversation focusing on the many ins and outs of fashion law.

WHO: Moderated by Above the Law Editor Staci Zaretsky, panelists include:
  • Barbara Kolsun, General Counsel of Stuart Weitzman
  • Jennifer Sheaffer, Senior Corporate Counsel of J.Crew Group
  • Michael Lasky, Co-Chair of the Litigation Practice Group of Davis & Gilbert
  • Sherry Jetter, Special Counsel of Katten Muchin Rosenman (formerly of HMX, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Donna Karan New York)
WHEN: Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

WHERE:  Carson Street Clothiers 63 Crosby Street, New York

TICKETS: The event is free. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.

Register at: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07eae9urjn7e4be9b0&llr=wts5oylab&showPage=true


Above the Law is the biggest and best site for original legal news, counting among its readers everyone from general counsels and senior partners at the nation’s biggest firms to the ranks of 1Ls. Written by lawyers for lawyers, Above the Law’s staff blankets the courts, law schools, corporations, and life at firms both big and small. It’s the first with salary and bonus information and is a hub of professional advice for legal professionals at all career stages.

Beauty, Jewelry, and more for V-day 2015

Still searching for some sweet, last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?  Here are some cute ones… for fashionistas, beauty editors in training or even athletic moms-to-be!

Sterling Forever (www.SterlingForever.com) Chic statement jewelry for the fashion obsessed.

FLOPZ (www.Flopz.com) Upscale luminescent flip flops with a unique gel insole that treats your feet to a soothing massage sensation while you walk.

FOR TWO FITNESS (www.ForTwoFitness.com) Figure-flattering, fashionable and fun exercise apparel brand for mommies-to-be, whether they’re three months along or eight. Their prized tanks feature clever sayings that celebrate this phase of impending motherhood like “Six Pack Abs” (with picture of six baby bottles) and “Cycling For Two” (with picture of a tricycle). 

BELLA IL FIORE (www.BellailFiore.com) Posh accessories created to streamline your daily beauty regimen while getting you gorgeous.  Their glamorous products are wrapped in whimsical packaging that's gift-giving friendly.

SHEA YELEEN (www.SheaYeleen.com) is an all natural fair trade shea butter beauty brand. When you purchase their body butters, body balms, lip balms and soaps, you're not only doing something good for your skin, you're helping the women from sub-Saharan Africa who source the shea to pay for regular, every day necessities their children need such as education, clothing and food; $3-$19.

BELLA SCHNEIDER BEAUTY (www.LaBelleDaySpas.com): A luxurious line of skincare products created and developed by spa owner and world renowned skin care innovator, Bella Schneider.

BSB Pot of Gold Face & Body Scrub: You struck gold with this luxurious and indulgent face and body scrub. 

Chock full of amber, pure sugarcane, caviar and hydrating jojoba oil, this real gold-infused treat turns skin satiny smooth and is heavenly scented. 
Amino acids and Vitamins A, D, and B provide anti-aging benefits to boot. Cleopatra used to spoil herself with gold body treatments. It's about time you did, too; $45.

BSB Essence of Rose Silky Hand and Body CreamInfuse hands and body with rich moisture and powerful anti-aging properties with our smooth and silky Rose Cream. Shea butter and olive oil soothe and quench thirsty skin; collagen, wheat protein and vitamins A and E soften, firm and protect against the elements; $35.

BSB Essence of Fig Hand & Body Cream with Shea Butter and Olive Oil: Bathe hands and body in rich moisture and powerful anti-oxidizing as well as anti-aging properties. Shea butter and olive oil smooth and quench thirsty skin while vitamin E nourishes and protects against environmental damage. Delicately scented with fig essence; $45.

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2015 Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Sexy Valentines Day Gift Ideas

If you have additional Valentines Day gift idea suggestions, you are welcome to share your thoughts in the discussion area below.

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