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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Look Amazing Even In Your Loungewear

What do you wear on the holidays to look stylish? Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Track suits, Trainers, Onesies and hoodies are all that I feel comfy with. Yes, I got the solution: - Loungewear. But, the problem with these baggy and shapeless clothes is that most of us look horrendous. So, you’d get curled up on your couch in the loungewear and sit around in the house than going out in something uncomfortable.
comfortable polka dot dress
But, in the recent years, loungewear has been transformed to really trendy women dresses which are even used as show stoppers by some of the most renowned designers including Victoria Beckham. Now, you can go along with your friends for a day out and collapse on your sofa without changing into something that you feel more comfortable. You may even drive to bar in your joggers. This is the golden age of comfy dressing, so don’t be a couch potato and just hang out in this fashion paradise. Wait! There are some important things that you should follow to make the most of your fun time. We’ve listed out some of the life changing fashion tips that all you gals need to know. Check’em out:

1. Pull Out the Uncomfortable Clothing From Your Wardrobe: Pull out all the uncomfortable clothing from your wardrobe and stuff them somewhere in the trunk of your car or under your bed so that they don’t get to your sight. By this, you’ll be clearing enough space and be able to focus on the other comfy clothes you actually want to wear.

2. Avoid Visiting Multiple Stores While Shopping: If you are planning to go for shopping, don’t just waste time in the malls. Visit the selected stores that work great. If you don’t get the stuff you want there, just shop online. You’ll get numerous options while shopping online.

3. Stay On To A Neutral Color Palette: While shopping, prefer to buy a neutral color palette clothes, this will make it easy to mix and match anything in your wardrobe and help you look cute even if you get dressed half asleep.

4. Develop an Easy To Go Fashion Mantra: When your mood strikes up on a particular color, utilize your neutrals and select a signature color for yourself. Although you’re lazy, there are times when you’ll be wanting to  mix up the things and look stylish.

5. Ensure Your Stuff Can Be Machine-Washed: I think with all the great trapeze dresses, drawstring pants and shorts, stretchy fabrics available in the market today, collared shirts doesn’t seem worthy anyway. Especially, when you’re at home, you like clothes that can be pulled on and off within two or three seconds, not the ones with the screw buttons, snaps and hooks.

6. Avoid Wearing stiletto: Whether it is day or night, work or weekend, low heels, flip-flops, sneakers and flats look totally chic. You don’t need high heels or stilettos to look smart and sexy always. If you’re going to pop out at the nearby shops, wear a neat & clean pair of shoes. A great footwear will help you cover a multitude of sins and you’ll be into a more stylish territory even in your loungewear.

7. Matching Tops and Bottoms : Matching tops and bottoms help you minimize the efforts to look stylish. There’s nothing wrong if you go for matching outfit; it gets the guesswork of getting dressed out.

8. Try To Avoid The Embellishments: Embellishments are not permanent, beads and buttons fall off, embroideries snag, graphics crack and peel off and ultimately you look sloppy. So, go for the plain or printed outfits. If you feel they’re boring just have some graphic prints like 3D, gingham, stripes or polka dots which may suit with any of your outfit. If you want sparkle, go for metallic leather or lurex knits.

9. Get a Sexy Romper for yourself: This is an easy dress which eliminates the risk of your underwear flashing to the world in the blowing breeze. So, wearing a romper, a pair of smart glasses with a pair of gladiator sandals will let you rock.

10. Get Some Silk Pajama sets for Yourself: The most comfortable outfit without feeling weird, an outfit that you can wear anytime outside your apartment is a great silk pajama set. This is an ultimate choice when you really don’t wish to get off the bed.

So, these were my tips and a lazy gal guide to look stunning in a loungewear and hanging out with the friends. If you have any more, please feel free to share. Enjoy the style comfortably!

Written exclusively for Apparel Search by Guest Author: Ryan Holman

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