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Friday, December 7, 2018

Fashion Journalists Are Fashion Bloggers

Are you a fashion journalist?  Do you have a significant interest in fashion journalism?

A journalist is typically defined as a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.  In our opinion, a "news website" is a blog.  Therefore, bloggers are journalists.

If yes, you really should join in the discussions at the Fashion Journalist Group on the Fashion Industry Network.  In the fashion journalist group you can discuss your experiences in regard to writing fashion press releases and fashion articles.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

TRANOÏ WEEK January 2019 Dates

from January 17-22, 2019.

Your spring summer 2019 shot of Fashion with a selection of talented designers
will be at 22 rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris


Kitty Dress by Riller & Fount

Molly Sims posted a photo wearing Riller & Fount on her instagram. The actress and model rocked Riller & Fount's  Kitty Dress ($253, http://www.rillerandfount.com/)as she gleefully smiled for the camera.
Molly Sims Riller & Fount

Astrid & Miyu Worn by Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher was photographed wearing Astrid & Miyu jewelry at the Refinery29's 29Rooms in Los Angeles. The actress dressed up her floral frock with Astrid & Miyu's Basic 2.0 Oval Pendant Necklace ($120.86) and Basic Medium ID Necklace ($120.86; www.astridandmiyu.com). 
Astrid & Miyu Worn by Isla Fisher

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bloomingdale's Fashion Career News

Macy's, Inc. today announced that after an extraordinary career, Frank Doroff, Bloomingdale's vice chairman and general merchandise manager for ready-to-wear, bloomingdales.com and concessions, has made the decision to retire, effective February 8, 2019. The company also announced that Bloomingdale's has appointed Denise Magid as executive vice president and general merchandise manager for ready-to-wear, bloomingdales.com and concessions, effective January 2, 2019. During the month of January, Denise and Frank will work together to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Accessory Concierge's Gold Waterdrop Dusters

Ariel Winter was photographed wearing Accessory Concierge while visiting SiriusXM Studio in New York yesterday! The Modern Family actress accessorized her look with Accessory Concierge's Gold Waterdrop Dusters ($44; lovely earrings: www.accessoryconcierge.com).
Ariel Winter

Monday, December 3, 2018

Raw Alpaca Fiber Possesses Antibacterial Properties

Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) announced recent laboratory testing results revealed that raw alpaca fiber possesses antibacterial properties. 
“While the effect is modest, it is likely comparable to the natural antibacterial properties of scoured sheep’s wool,” said Bud Synhorst, Executive Director of AOA.  “This will increase the interest of alpaca fiber within the active apparel industry.”

Friday, November 30, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

ASTROWORLD Festival Collection

Travis Scott announced a limited release of his ASTROWORLD Festival collection.

Gucci New Arrivals Saks Fifth Avenue

Gucci Saks 2018
Gucci New Arrivals at Saks Fifth Avenue.

ZKS Designs Holiday Jewelry Collection

ZKS Design’s Swarovski holiday jewelry collection has gorgeous stocking stuffers that are under $25 - more than 80% off retail price this holiday season.  The jewelry is made with solid gold and sterling silver and set with beautiful Swarovski Zirconia stones that shine with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from Swarovski’s rich tradition. 

Holiday gift specials are available for all budgets and occasions.

Under $25

2 cttw Sterling Silver Round Dangle Lever Back Earrings; $17.99, 82% off retail price of $99.99.

Metallic Snake Print Boots

Metallic Snake Print Boots
UGG is taking their most iconic silhouettes to the next level with daring metallic snakeskin prints.

ascena Donates for Breast Cancer Research

ascena retail group, inc. announced today that through its retail brands, it has raised a total of $5.9 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. The fall fundraising efforts are a continuation of the company's longstanding partnership with BCRF to fund life-changing research and eradicate breast cancer.

Black Friday Clothing Store Sales Volume 2018

How do we figure out the Black Friday clothing store sales volume for 2018?  It is beyond challenging to figure out with certainty.  

Let's be honest, the clothing stores are not breaking down our door to share the sales data.  Unfortunately, we can't require all of the clothing stores in the United States to provide Apparel Search with their retail sales numbers.  Therefore, we don't have official clothing store reports to provide to you.  However, we have posted news about the overall Black Friday performance.

Black Friday Sales Data Report 2018

Did all the Black Friday 2018 sales flyers pay off for fashion retailers?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog
You must learn the key elements for how to write a successful fashion blog. See our step-by-step plan below to help you get heading in the right direction.
  • Step one, learn how to read and write.
  • Step two, be stylish.
  • Step three, be creative.
  • Step four, write down your thoughts.
  • Step five, take a few fashion photos.
  • Step six, publish your thoughts & stylish photographs.
  • Step seven, start again at step four every day.
start the best fashion blog
Why are you starting a fashion blog?

Apparel Wholesalers

You can find hundreds of the most reputable brands, manufacturers, and wholesale apparel importers from across the globe by searching the internet for apparel wholesalers.

What are apparel wholesalers?  Wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.

Learn about apparel wholesalers.

The companies found will be a mix of traditional fashion distributors as well as modern online fashion wholesale marketplaces that connects manufacturers and brands to retail buyers.  It will be rather easy for you to locate the latest wholesale women's clothing, wholesale men's clothing, wholesale kids clothing, wholesale shoes, and wholesale accessories such as wholesale jewelry, wholesale sunglasses, and wholesale handbags.
Apparel Wholesalers

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ugly Holiday Sweaters 2018

You are probably aware of the concept of ugly Christmas sweaters.
Ugly Holiday Sweater Award
You can find these two ugly holiday sweaters at Target.
Ugly holiday sweaters blend traditional holiday spirit with a modern sense of humor. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Beautiful Velvet Dress Perfect Holiday Outfit

It’s time to get ready for a calendar filled with holiday cocktail parties, family gatherings, and office soirees. Get a handle on the top “nights out” trend that will leave them speechless when you walk in. Make a statement in a touchably soft velvet Speechless dress available in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Amethyst at only $20! Speechless is empowering women to be on trend and rock this look by providing it at an accessible price. A beautiful velvet Speechless dress is the perfect holiday outfit to gift yourself and loved ones this season!
Blue Velvet Party Dress

Lucy Hale Wearing Unpublished Fashion Brand

Lucy Hale was photographed wearing Unpublished while leaving her morning workout in Studio City yesterday. The actress looked cool and casual in Unpublished's DRE Cropped Boxy Oversized Trucker in Darkstone ($79, www.unpublishedcollection.com). 

REKS Trivex Color-Boosting Sun Lenses

REKS, an innovative sunglass manufacturer featuring the finest in performance lenses matched with unbreakable frames, is pleased to introduce four new high performance Trivex color-boosting sun lenses. These Trivex lenses come with a built-in color equalizer that improves the contrast between colors making them seem brighter.
REKS Trivex

FENDI Merry Holiday Delights

FENDI Merry Christmas Holiday Delights
It is almost Thanksgiving?  Can we use the word Christmas yet?  Probably not.  Well, Thanksgiving is a holiday so let's say, "FENDI Merry Holiday Delights".  Anyway, my point is that it is now the holiday shopping season, and FENDI would make any holiday more merry.
Fendi Holiday Fashion

Monday, November 19, 2018

Brie Boot by UGG

Keep your toes toasty & trendy. 

With stylish exterior fluff and pom-pom details, the Brie isn't just warm — it's downright adorable.
Brie Boots

UGG Sacai Limited Edition Footwear Collection

A limited release collab for the ages, renowned Japanese designer Chitose Abe reinterprets the Classic boot with a cuffable knit detail that brings unconventional elegance and grit to the most iconic UGG silhouette.
UGG Sacai Limited Edition Footwear

Ryan Hawaii Men’s Printed Underwear | Björn Borg

Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg drop their new collaboration – an underwear collection created by Ryan Hawaii – One of the world’s most interesting designers today.
Ryan Hawaii Men’s Printed Underwear

Black Friday Ad Flyers 2018 - Clothing Stores

Are you ready for Black Friday?
Black Friday Ad Flyers

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Yearly Fashion Blog Archive | 2013-2018

Do you want to take a trip down memory lane?  You can view some of our previous blog posts from our yearly archive.

Clothing Best Sellers

How do we know the best sellers in the category of clothing?  Well, this would actually be extremely challenging.  Keep in mind the number or fashion retailers on the planet.  It is an extraordinary number of stores.  In all honesty, it would be rather impossible to determine the absolute best sellers.  Don't you agree?  However, it is "less impossible" to figure out the best selling clothing at a particular store.
Best Sellers

Prime Wardrobe

What is Prime Wardrobe?  It is a try before you buy clothing service from Amazon.
Prime Wardrobe
Do you love online shopping but wish you could try on before you buy? Introducing Prime Wardrobe, an Amazon Prime-exclusive program where you can try before you buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, and accessories up front without charge. Prime Wardrobe gives you the convenience of online shopping with the in-store perks of a dressing room. You can shop, order, try-on, and buy all from the comfort of your own home. 
Prime Wardrobe

Memorable Fashion Photos

Memorable Fashion Photos - well, maybe not memorable to you, but memorable to us.  Hopefully, enjoyable for you.
Fashion Photo

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

DIY Lingerie from Madalynne Intimates

Madalynne Intimates is a  budding lingerie brand offering both ready made and DIY lingerie.
DIY Intimate Lingerie
Madalynne, the owner Maddie Flanigan, who was recently featured in Forbes - may be best known for her one-day intensive lingerie workshops, which just won Best of Philly as well as her DIY lingerie kits (contain all the fabrics and trims to make a bra, bralette or undie).

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Embr Wave Body Thermostat Bracelet

Embr Labs, the first company to make temperature personal, is helping people find warmth and relief during the frigid winter months. The company’s flagship product, Embr Wave, is a revolutionary new wearable device that precisely cools or heats the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist, helping you feel cooler or warmer in minutes.
Embr Wave Wearable Tech Bracelet
Escape the Cold Winter Blues w/the Embr Wave Revolutionary Body Thermostat Bracelet

Opulence in Fashion

Fashion terms such as opulent fashion needs to be carefully reviewed.

Their is a fine line between opulence and opulent.

Opulence means great wealth or luxuriousness.
  • That sounds to be a nice or positive label.
Opulent means ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
  • Wait a minute.  Can't "ostentatious" be perceived as slightly negative.
Ostentatiously means in a "pretentious" or showy way designed to impress.

Pretentious means attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
  • We don't want to "attempt" to impress.  We want to "truly" impress.

Lost Cherry Fragrance | Tom Ford

A sweet & tart fragrance with notes of black cherry, bitter almond, Turkish rose and jasmine.
Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Collar Press for Shirts

New Product Irons Collar while Inside the Dryer
Introducing the Collar Press, a revolutionary new product that takes over ironing duties for shirts while inside the clothes dryer aims to change how we do our laundry. Founded in Ontario by entrepreneur Michael Mota, the Collar Press will change how laundry is done for any household with a washer and dryer.
Collar Press
Laundry Game Changer!

The Coquette Slipper

The Coquette Slipper

Coquette Slipper

Unworn Dresses Provided to Underprivileged Girls

For Thanksgiving, brand new unworn dresses will be provided to underprivileged girls by the Believe in Yourself Project. The dresses will range in style and be functional for thanksgiving and other holiday occasions the girls have coming up. 

Vanessa Hudgens with Henri Bendel Handbag

Find the best fashion news on the Fashion Blog.

Vanessa Hudgens was photographed wearing Henri Bendel this weekend in LA! The actress accessorized her floral dress with Henri Bendel's 712 Belt Bag in Black as she enjoyed an outing with beau Austin Butler ($250; www.henribendel.com).  
Vanessa Hudgens Handbag 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cyber Monday Fashion Sales 2018

Cyber Monday is Monday November 26, 2018

The term "Cyber Monday" was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online.  The marketing tactic has worked marvelously.  Cyber Monday has turned into a highly influential day for fashion purchases.

Much of the apparel industries retail sales volume takes place during the holiday season.  In 2018, Cyber Monday will be a meaningful percentage of overall clothing store sales volume.

Best Cyber Monday Fashion Deals
Cyber Monday Fashion 2018

Fashion Summaries for Fashionbly Curious People

Fashion summaries have been written by Apparel Search in an attempt to summarize some of the key concepts of fashion & style.  This is not an actual glossary of terms, but it has some similarities with an apparel industry glossary.

Fashion Summary
Fashion Summary

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Black Friday Fashion Sales 2018

Black Friday is on November 23, 2018 and we can all expect a ton of deals on clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories.  Planning our winter fashion shopping around the savings on Black Friday is always a good idea.  Obviously we all love to shop for clothing for many reasons.  Shopping at a discount is one of the best.
Black Friday Fashion Sales 2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fashion Valley Mall

Find the best fashion news here on the Fashion Blog.

Into the valley of fashion we go... OK, this shopping blog post will not be very interesting to you unless you live near San Diego or you plan on visiting in the near future.  However, we felt compelled to post about the Fashion Valley Mall.  To be honest, we really like the name the selected.  Fashion Valley sounds so peaceful & enjoyable.
Fashion Valley

Fashion Unraveled at FIT

Fashion Unraveled is not your typical fashion exhibition. Rather than feature pristine clothes that exemplify a theme, a time period, or a designer’s aesthetic, it explores the roles of memory and imperfection in fashion.
Fashion Unraveled FIT
Fashion & Textile History Gallery

May 25, 2018 – November 17, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018


Textile art exhibition news:
Stretched across panels were vivid patchwork fabrics concocted from unsold or worn bits of Eileen Fisher garments. Edelkoort has voiced her dismay at the casual consumption and trashing of clothes.- The New York Times
“Waste No More” is a striking setting recomposed like a temple to sustainability. The arch itself is a microcosm of the world’s waste.- Domus
DesignWork presents WASTE NO MORE during The Salon Art + Design at The Park Avenue Armory
Curated by Li Edelkoort, the evocative installation confronts visitors with the reality of society’s discarded clothing and blurs the boundaries between art, design and activism.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Pepsi Sneakers from PUMA

With old-fashioned logos and colorblocking inspired by Pepsi cans, PUMA x Pepsi adds a vintage, nostalgic feel to modern fits and silhouettes in a collection that's so fresh.
Puma Pepsi

Footwear geeks are going to love to own a pair of these sneakers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Puff Momma Footwear Collection

Soft and stylistically rebellious, the Puff Momma Collection is built for the mountains and metropolis alike.

A punk update on our Classic, this soft boot blends a street edge with cold-weather function – for when you need a shoe that looks good wherever you are, in the city or the mountains. With ski-inspired buckles, cords, and quilted leather, it pairs well with a puffer coat and jeans.

Buffalo Check Clothing 2018

Buffalo Check Clothing
Buffalo plaids check off all the right boxes for fall/winter 2018.  You can find all of these great plaids at Coldwater Creek.  Relax, unwind, chillax! However you say it, you’ll feel totally comfortable and on-trend with these modern Buffalo check garments.

Clothing Lines, Racks, Brands | Clothing Terms

Time to learn more about clothing industry terminology.

Terminology is the study of terms and their use. Clothing terms are words and compound words or multi-word expressions that in specific contexts are given specific meanings—these may deviate from the meanings the same words have in other contexts and in everyday language.  Fashion terms are relevant to clothing & clothing industry topics.

DuPont Advanced Printing DTG & RTR Printing

DuPont Advanced Printing will highlight its innovative ink offerings for the growing digital textile market segment at SGIA 2018 to be held from October 18-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the show, the team will reveal its new brand campaign “The Color of Things to Come,” including the launch of its new website for textile inks: artistritextile.dupont.com
Digital Textile Printing
Artistri® digital inks combine DuPont proprietary dispersions, polymers and ink formulations resulting in highly innovative digital inks in inkjet printing. From the brightest and richest colors to custom formulations, Artistri® provides color consistency across production runs and over time. And with a 25-year history in technology and innovation, DuPont™ Artistri® delivers an innovative portfolio of ink products to bring your colors to life.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fashion Industry Pollution

Most industries cause pollution.  Sad but true.
Fashion Industry Pollution
Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.
  • Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants.
Not sure how accurate, but Wikipedia does currently indicate that, "The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world, behind only fossil fuel energy production."

Fashionphile Online Fashion Resale

What is a fashionphile?

Fash•on•phile / A Fashionphile is one who collects or has a great love for fashion. A fashionphile recognizes the value, quality and potential investment in all iconic brands as well as an eye for a look that will last.
Learn how to shop like an expert fashionphile.

RTW Retailwinds is New York & Co

Does anyone know why New York & Company would want to change their name to RTW Retailwinds?  To be honest, I don't get it.  What does "RTW" stand for?  Or is RTW short for "Retailwinds"?  Furthermore, why change from such a widely recognized name?  Possibly they had been jealous that Google changed their name to Alphabet and Coach changed to Tapestry.

Jamie Chung Layered Necklaces

Jamie Chung was photographed wearing Miranda Frye jewelry over the weekend! The Gifted actress picked up lunch accessorizing her look with Miranda Frye's Stephanie Necklace ($88), Ashleigh Necklace ($116) and Lola Chain ($60; www.mirandafrye.com), the same layered look she shared on Instagram last week!
Jamie Chung Layered Necklaces

Denim Jeans for Every Body

They made the first Lady Levi’s® in 1934. Since then, the company has been designing jeans made for living in and feeling confident.  They have denim for every body.
Jeans for Every Body

David Abney Joins Macy's Board

Macy's, Inc. today announced the appointment of David Abney, chairman and chief executive officer of United Parcel Service, Inc., to its board of directors, effective October 25, 2018.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fashion Topics of the Day

What are the most important fashion topics of the day?  Well, that is entirely up to you.  The industry has so many important segments, it is truly difficult to pick a favorite research topic for today.  

Where do we start?  Fashion design, public relations & marketing, manufacturing, distribution, fashion week events, retailing, etc.  The list of important areas of the industry goes on and on.

It is always a good time to learn more about the fashion industry, so let's pick a few segments to research further as a start. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

ALBIS PLASTIC and BASF Optimize Smart Glove

Fashion & technology are both exciting fields of interest to many people.  It is fabulous when the two industries intersect.  Yes, smart work gloves are clothing and therefore we consider them to be fashionable.
Optimized Smart Glove

Style tips

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Experience style.

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Essentially, we cover most of the topics you would find in an industry journal as well as other topics that you would discover in a typical fashion magazine.

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